Pregnant after a Loss


hi ladies I'm currently 6w 2d with my third pregnancy ( 2 previous losses) I went in Tuesday and theres a clot on my uterus near the baby, i am absolutely sick over this and the fear of another loss is overwhelming. have any of you ladies had clots during your pregnancy? please share your stories and how you handled things.

Re: clots

  • Hi there. I'm assuming by clot, they meant a subchorionic hematoma (SCH). I've had two, and maybe even three. With my first loss, it didn't end well, but may have not been related. This is my third pregnancy now after two losses and though they couldn't see it on US, I was diagnosed with likely SCH this time around again. I spotted from week 5 until almost week 12, and had two large painless hemorrhages mixed in there. I'm now nearly 19 weeks. 

    Did your doctor warn you about bleeding? It's a good possibility that may happen, but not necessarily. And if it does, it doesn't mean you have lost the baby necessarily. It's a very awful thing to go through no matter what, but I wanted to share that there can be good outcomes! Hang in there. 
  • thank you ladies for your advice
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