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AW::: this Mama got a new car!

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Total attention whore but I'm just super excited about my new mom mobile!! Had to pass on the Jeep Wrangler to the husband and got this Dodge Durango :) 


Re: AW::: this Mama got a new car!

  • Woo hoo!! New car, that's awesome! Those are good cars!
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  • Sweeeeeet new car! Enjoy your new ride girl!
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  • Love it! We are going to test drive tomorrow :) I have to change in my SUV for a minivan at this point lol. 
  • @ElleMF728 you should check this out! It's basically a mini van on the inside. Captains chairs in the second row and then easy access to the 3rd row! 
  • We just got a new vehicle two weeks ago too!! Traded in my Dodge Caliber for a GMC Terrain!! I wanted the Acadia but since we are only having two kids I knew it was silly to get the extra space. I love it so much!!
  • CONGRATS! A new car is so fun! We traded in our dodge ram for a 2016 Jeep Cherokee a cpl months ago and I am SO in love with it! Probably should have went with a van or something with my space since we will have 3 kids total come January but I couldn't resist as this momma has never had a new vehicle in my life!

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  • It's lovely, but man I love the sliding doors and built-in window shades in my Honda Odyssey!  DH was the one that made us spring for the van after our first, and we've both never looked back :open_mouth:
  • @lindsladle15 My mom has driven the Honda Odyssey since like 2002. Her youngest child is graduating college in May and she just bought a new one last year. She's an antiquer and it gives a lot more space than an SUV apparently. She absolutely loves it! 

    And congrats, @Emma61210!!!!

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  • @cjs260 OH MY GOSH, the trunks on those things (let alone if you put the back seats down)!!!  Amazing.
  • Jealous of you ladies with large cars! I have a Prius C, which I love, but I know space-wise it will be interesting with a child. We'all see how long we can stick with it, it's so convenient for parking in tiny spaces
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