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Cribs: cheap vs. expensive. Thoughts/advice?

Hi I'm a 3rd tri-er with a crib question,

We have finally settled on our crib, after much debate.  I really didn't want to spend $500+ on a crib, so we got the Graco Lauren crib in Espresso ($150).  MIL bought it for us last night and I unpacked the parts and propped it against the wall, and ... it made me want to run to BRU and spend $500 on a crib.  Maybe it's cause I couldn't put it together by myself (DH is out of town this week) but it just looked kind of flimsy and not super solid.

We bought a very nice dresser from BRU on clearance (but it's very solid looking) and we have a really nice upholstered glider and ottoman in the baby room also. 

Did you get an inexpensive crib?  Do you wish you had stepped up and spent more money?  Or did you buy an expensive one and wish you had saved money and bought a cheaper one?

Also, how long do kids sleep in their cribs?  I'm thinking till they're about 2 ish? 

Thanks in advance for your help...!

Re: Cribs: cheap vs. expensive. Thoughts/advice?

  • Our crib cost about $200 and it has served its purpose very well. We didn't have the money to spend more and although it's not as nice-looking as the $700 cribs, it's still a nice crib and I'd buy it again if given the choice.
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  • We spent $500 + on a crib and $100 on a cosleeper and ds has yet to sleep in either one of them, he sleeps in our bed. Dh jokes that we really wasted our money on what have become toy holders.

    Hopefully ds will be in the crib one day and if not, it's a convertible so he can use it later.?

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  • In all honesty - - we bought a $500+ crib and DD has not spent one night, nap, etc. in it. We wound up being a co-sleeping family (something I swore I'd never ever do in a million billion years).

    At this rate, by the time we transition her out of our bed, she'll be ready for a big girl bed! Yes, the crib we bought is covertable, but we didn't need to pay an arm and a leg for it.


  • We spent 500+ on our crib and I think it was one of the best purchases we made.  Its sturdy, gorgeous and heirloom quality.  She's slept in it every night since she was 2 weeks old.  It is also a conversion bed so we will use it for her toddler years until the next baby comes.  It was a solid investment that I don't regret at all.  I think in items like this, you get what you pay for.
  • My DH always says you get what you pay for.  We went to (no shipping costs) and paid around $1000 for the crib, dresser and changing table.

     As for how long in a crib.....some of the more expensive ones will convert to a toddler bed/day bed and then a head and footboard for a full size bed.  So even if you do pay more, they can be in it as long as they/you want.

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  • We got a fairly expensive crib from Munire, and it is beautiful, very sturdy, and good quality. However, it is pretty bulky, hard to get to the baby etc. For our next baby, we may get a good quality Jenny Lind crib
  • Have you read baby bargains?   It rates the different brands and can tell you the best ones in the cheap, mid range and expensive categories.

    We bought a crib and dresser that was mid range. Crib was a little under $400.  DD actually just started sleeping in it (although she was in it briefly in the beginning too).  But her crib is convertible and it will be furniture she uses as she gets older.  So I think its totally worth it.  We went with an A rated brand from baby bargains and I'm very happy with the quality of it.  I wouldn't spend $500 on a crib that didnt convert into an adult bed though

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  • we got a moderately priced crib that is a convertable $400. We wanted something that would last and I also was not comfortable w the target stuff. just my opinion though.

    This is the bedroom set we got for DD.

     I am sure I could have gotten it for cheaper had I research online but we got 20% off w the completion coupon and the BRU CC. That is basically a $80 savings.

  • We bought this one:

    It was probably $320 when it was one sale a year ago.  It works great and being that it is a convertible bed w/storage below we thought we'd try it.  We're glad we didn't spend the big bucks, just how we are, we wanted to use the money we saved on other things for DD.  So I don't think you have to spend an expensive amount to get a good, solid bed.

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  • I looked at cribs at BRU but they seemed cheap. Almost all had exposed hardware, thin wood, and just felt flimsy. To me, a crib is one of the most important purchases and it was worth spending more for a higher quality one.

    I went with two cribs from Natart. They were about $700 each, plus a conversion kit to make them double beds. They are gorgeous and I have absolutely no regrets.

    Plus, the crib I liked at BRU was just recalled. It looks like ours, sort of, but is much cheaper looking. And apparently unsafe. Thank god I went with Natart!

  • We bought our crib at Walmart...It was like 130.00.  We love it, my daughter sleeps in every night.  It is stable, and it was easy to put together.  I posted a link to it below.  Don't freak out, i know it is a Delta, but it wasn't one that was recalled:)

     I am glad that we didn't spend alot of money on a crib.  I know that she won't be in it forever and would rather spend the money on a new bedroom set that she will use for many years.  Just my opinion

    (The above is a link to it in her room)


  • We got a hand me down crib from a friend.  It is a Jardine crib (not one of the recalled ones) and is 6 years old.  Our DD is child #3 to have it and it's doing great.  Originally, it cost about $200.  I'm glad we didn't go for something expensive.  We'll spend the money on furniture when she's older, but not a crib.
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  • We spent $450, I think, and got a crib that was on sale from $600. I absolutely love it. We use it several times a day, every day, and I'm glad we spent the money. However, I have friends who have minimalist cribs and they are absolutely FINE. You will have plenty to spend money on down the road ... I would probably go with your choice.

    If you put it together and still don't like it, then by all means spend more. We sort of figured that for the life of the crib an extra $200 wasn't all that much. Plus, we knew if we got a good one we could re-sell it.

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  • We went the cheap route and got the Graco Ashleigh Crib. I love it! It looks very nice. Even though it is a convertible we will buy new furniture for DD when she is older and pass the crib and dresser on to the next DC.



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