Pregnant after a Loss


Hi ladies! I'm cautiously optimistic, but I think I should intro and get to know some of you who are feeling the same way after a loss. 

I have a 16 year old DD and then experienced a loss in 2011. After 13 months of ttgp, Our rainbow came In September of 2013 and now we are expecting another in June. I've had 3 sets of bw done and 2 ultrasounds already, but I'm still nervous. I'm 36 now, so age might compound the risks a little bit. Anyway, I'm looking forward to rejoining this community. 
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BFP #1 9/1999. DD Born 6/7/2000
BFP #2 10/2011. EDD 7/11/12. MMC discovered 11/2/11. D&C 11/4/11.
DX PCOS 10/2012.
BFP#3 1/11/13. DS Born 9/17/2013
BFP#4 9/30/17. Grow baby grow! 
~Everyone Welcome~

Re: Intro

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    edited October 2016
    Welcome and I'm sorry for your loss 
  • Welcome! 
    TW: MMC
    BFP1 12/24/14 - EDD 09/07/15 (D/C 8w1d)
    BFP2 6/12/15 - EDD 2/22/16 (D/C 10w3d)
    Diagnoses and Treatments
    PCOS (myo-inositol, excercize)
    Indeterminant levels of APS IgM antibodies (baby aspirin)
    Sub-septate uterus (hysteroscopic septoplasty 12/18/15)
    BFP3 05/02/16 EDD 01/09/17 DS born 01/05/17
    BFP4 01/28/19 EDD 10/?/19 🤞🙏

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  • Congrats and welcome :)
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