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  • Perfect! I am dying of laughter over here.  I have 4 boys so I can just imagine how amazing this is going to be at my house.  There are 5 years (give or take a few months) age difference between them.  I can just sit them all done and have the talk at the same time, right? Or split them into groups. Older 2 at one time, younger 2 at another.  

    I think I am just going to let DH handle this.  He has a penis, so all penis related questions can be directed to him.  
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  • Ha! Agreed @ladysaceb direct penis-related questions to the parent with a penis.  
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  • @ladysaceb That sounds like a solid plan! My husband likes to tease about stiff sheets in the future and I just cringe... maybe I'll just get one of the puberty videos from school and have dad watch with him... ahh!!! 
  • LOL! I do not have any boys but I have a 15 year old brother. It is so weird watching him go through puberty! They are so......... smelly. 
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  • Well, I think I'll just choose to live in Denial for the next 10 years or so and worry about it later lol. 
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  • I already told DH it's fully his territory when the time is appropriate. If we have a girl, I'll handle those conversations. This is my sweet baby boy though! I can't have conversations with him that involve discussing him losing his virginity. I want an open and loving relationship with him - but I need to draw the line somewhere. 
  • Bahaha! "The penis..... the sex". Too funny! Where is her glass, who am I kidding, BOTTLE of wine for this convo?!
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