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what are usually your favorite foods?

anything in particular you have been craving (or have an aversion) to now?

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Re: GTKY: Food

  • Normally we eat clean and organic about 80% of the time. Right now I've gone down to junk food city- yikes! I have aversions to most vegetables and I eat whatever happens to sound tolerable at meal time. With DD I craved limeade (who drinks that, right?!) this time it's mashed potatoes. Random. So meatballs and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight! They tasted awesome and I'm hoping they still sound good tomorrow so I can eat leftovers.  Also, I usually have a huge sweet tooth which is almost completely gone right now- what?! 
  • With this pregnancy I'm not into sweets at all. I want salty and spicy things, but it changes every few days. For a while it was popcorn with grated cheese and Tabasco, salt bagels with cream cheese, chips and salsa, buffalo wings, all that sort of junk food. I'm having a hard time eating the chicken I prepare, which is normal but since becoming pregnant it's even more so. I can't eat it if I've had to trim fat/veins/rubber band things off it. 
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  • First trimester I really wanted oriental flavored ramen - I made myself limit it to once a week. For the whole pregnancy I have really enjoyed spicy food - kicken chicken sandwiches from zaxby's and tortilla soup especially. I also went through a phase where I only wanted cooked food - I didn't want crackers or granola bars. And I didn't used to care about ice but baby likes ice cold water. Cool water won't do. 
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  • Normally I eat very clean and Paleo. Uh, not while pregnant. I get so sick at first that whatever sounds good goes- which was a lot of complex carbs. Now I can stomach salads again and the sickness is starting to lift so veggies have been appetizing again.

    im not super into meat right now, but it's not as much of an aversion as with my first pregnancy.

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  • I just woke up at 5 am and ate four vegan hot pockets. I regret nothing.
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  • Lol @semicolon !! I'm jealous! Do you make them homemade or buy pre packaged! Yum! I'm not vegan or fully vegetarian but have been on a journey of becoming more plant based. Unfortunately I've been craving meat like crazy lately. So I made meatballs but then vegan mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes- who does that right?! 
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    @1inthehopper I buy them from Gardein, which also has the BEST meatballs. My carnivorious dad thought they were real. I also love their fish, chicken, and sweet and sour pork. Oh! And chipotle lime chicken fingers. And for sliced chicken breast, check out Beyond Meat. SO AWESOME!
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  • @ceclarlinetlo I craved Ramen (the awful for you packets- not the delicious restaurant type) too when I was pregnant with DD.  I was so emotional and I actually cried about the fact that I was feeding my baby MSG lol. Now the only thing stopping me is the MSG because I now know it triggers my migraine auras and my stomach feels better when I eat gluten free. Otherwise I'd be buying it by the case! Eat some for me!!!
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