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Prenatal anxiety/depression?

For the past week or so I've been feeling incredibly anxious and had a mild panic attack last Tuesday (which can't be good for baby). I just feel so overwhelmed and even sad at times...  I thought this was supposed to be an amazingly happy time. Is anyone else experiencing this? 


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    "Normal" in that prenatal anxiety does occur (not surprising with all the hormonal and general life changes going on!), but,  IMO, if it's severe enough that you've had a panic attack, you should at least talk to your OB about it and possibly make contact with a therapist.  It's nothing to be ashamed of, but your mental health is of huge importance and, speaking as someone who's had postpartum anxiety, it's something that you want to address sooner rather than later.  Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this!
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  • I take an antidepressant and have an anti anxiety med to take as needed. Both are deemed safe for pregnant women and have been very helpful. 

    If you're feeling like this, please talk to your doctor and get some help. Mental health is so important and feeling better will benefit both you and your baby.

    Hang in there!
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  • I started taking lexapro and Wellbutrin a few months before I got pregnant and on my OB's advice I have continued to take them through out my pregnancy. Definitely talk to your doctor - they will know whether this is garden variety pregnancy anxiety or something more - but even if hey don't recommend medicine at this time (or even if they do) I highly recommend seeing a therapist. I saw one weekly for 6 months to help when I started taking my medicine and I'm positive that was really what helped me - medicine just levels the playing field so to speak - it calms your brain enough so that you can take the problem on - it doesn't fix the problems causing your anxiety it. Going to therapy will give you tools to help deal with what's actually causing the issue. 
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  • I agree with everyone else. Anxiety, to some degree, is perfectly normal and expected during pregnancy. It is a huge life change. If your anxiety starts to interfere with your life, it's time to mention it to your ob and seek help. I was medicated for anxiety through my first pregnancy and breastfed on it as well. I am still on it for the pregnancy. Maternal fetal medicine reassured me that the unlikely side effects are far outweighed by the benefit of a less anxious mom. 
  • @trabim please go see your doctor about these issues. Pregnancy can feel very different to each person, and each pregnancy can feel very different in the same person. The hormones are doing wondrous things to your body and depression/anxiety can be one of those things. Please please get help now. Many mind who suffer from postpartum depression day that their depression began while they were pregnant, which is very common..

  • Everything that @ceclarlinetlo said. I had a severe anxiety attack about a year and a half ago, work was very stressful and on top of that we were battling infertility. I started seeing a therapist but opted not to do meds - we were doing fertility treatments and after talking to all my docs the best decision for us was to hold off - just talking to the therapist helped me so much. Having the tools to get out of an attack or a situation that may cause an attack are invaluable. Best thing you can do for baby and yourself is to talk to your doctor! 
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  • I am also starting to experience some anxiety. I am getting overwhelmed thinking about finances after the baby comes and being away from work while on maternity leave. I feel that I need to take the traditional 12 weeks off to spend with my baby but it is scary to be away from work that long. I have a hard enough time taking a whole week off. I hate coming back to a pile of emails and mess. My DH is so excited. I just wish that I was as excited as he is, all I feel is anxious.
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