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Can finally Breath ***AW POST***

So I just got back from my U/S.  We had one last tues.  Only saw Gestational sac measuring 5wks and possible yolk sac.  Was terrified because the dates just didn't seem right to me.  Doc assured me not to worry.  Well, today baby was measuring 7wks with a HR of 150.  I was balling through the entire scan. The tech was so happy for us.  Since I got pregnant 3 wks after my MC this is the first time I've been able to take a deep breath in like 2 months. The doc said they are still keeping my 5/30 EDD and that I'm no longer high risk. Said he doesn't want to see me for another month.  Words can't express how happy I am.  The last few weeks everytime we talked about the pregnancy there was always an "if" added in.  Now that its official we can really start to make plans which is really exciting.  Sorry for my AW Post but I just couldn't contain my happiness and knew you ladies would def understand the feeling:)
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Re: Can finally Breath ***AW POST***

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