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we're interested in your hospital experience, bumpies. were you left with any crazy charges?

This viral post of a labor and delivery bilgot us thinking—were you left with any crazy charges after you gave birth?

We would be very interested to read about your experiences, especially if they are similar to what this mom went through. 

Re: we're interested in your hospital experience, bumpies. were you left with any crazy charges?

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    I was left with all kinds of charges from the doctor, the hospital, and the anesthesiologist. 
  • No I wasn't. My insurance did deny the assistant surgeon for my c-section, but that doctor said he wasn't going to bill me for it anyway. 
  • no crazy charges, but my hospital did send me a duplicate bill about 6 months after I already paid them. they told me that my insurance "took the money back that they paid" and that now I was responsible for it. I had to straighten things out with my insurance, it took about 6 months to get them to stop sending me bills that were incorrect. they even sent me to a collections agency before things got ironed out.
    I would recommend checking with your insurance before paying for anything. hospitals, doctors, etc can make mistakes. 
  • Yes! I was left with an "emergency room" charge. It was strange because the hospital doesn't even have an emergency room--only a triage center. The triage center is the only way you can get admitted. I went in to confirm my water had broken. They did a quick test, confirmed it was amniotic fluid and attempted to put me on a monitor until my room was ready. The monitor was broken. Within 10 minutes I was in my labor room. So, no labs, no meds, no tests, no monitoring whatsoever and I was still charged about $400 for my "emergency" charge. I argued it 3 times and lost. Ridiculous. I wish there was a way to bypass that place completely. 
  • Well, nothing out of th me ordinary per se, but we did have something go to collections unexpectedly...not awesome.  There was a bill that never made its way to us and surprise! I should have been warned, though, since the hospital never did send us that big delivery bill we were expecting  (2nd baby so we knew a little of how much it would cost). I had to call them to request it and even then they only sent an itemized list of charges.  
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