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Tips for brushing baby's teeth

Any tips to share?

Our little guy has sprouted 4 bottom teeth in the last month. He enjoys gumming his toothbrush and seems to like the flavor of toothpaste, so he is doing a great job of putting it in his mouth the right way to maximize his toothpaste noms. I'll take that as a win.

But...he usually resists if we try to actually brush his little teeth. Not sure there's much we can do except keep trying. 

Re: Tips for brushing baby's teeth

  • Health visitor told me to use toothpaste on my finger, or a soft cloth. Initially, it's just to get the lm used to the taste and routine 
  • I make a squeaky sound as I'm brushing back and fourth and he sits still and let's me smiling. 
    My LO does not have any teeth yet though, but I've been "brushing" his gums with a silicone finger brush since 3 months.
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    I alternate sometimes using a warm wet washcloth and sometimes using her toothbrush. If she just cut fresh teeth, I'll opt for the washcloth as its gentler. My pediatrician said he wants me to get the sugar/milk off her teeth especially before bed. I do it twice a day- before bed and in the morning after our first feeding. Sometimes she tries to suck or eat it which puts her mouth in weird positions where I'm afraid I'm making her bite her lips, but she's never gotten upset with me so hopefully it isn't uncomfortable. I haven't tried the gum/teeth cleanser yet but may do so soon
  • My lo enjoys me brushing his teeth we have 4so far w 2 more trying to come through. I have a silicone finger brush that came w a fruity flavor gel paste.
  • Haha @jarob747 I tried the squeaky noises. Sometimes it works! Sometimes he is just too pissed off to tolerate it. Ah well.

    The toothbrush we have looks like a teether. Bright pink and purple with different textures on it and the toothbrush on the top. Luckily he does like it. And will sometimes let us actually brush his teeth. We brush in the morning after the first feed and at night before bed.
  • @jarob747 I tried the squeaky noises too and it helps on grumpy nights! 
  • Omg. LO now throws a fit every time we brush his teeth (2x/day). He hates it so much.
  • Lol yeah my lil guy don't like it either. He had his first dentist appt this week and they said just let him chew on the finger brush or tooth brush for now and not force brushing 
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