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  • My little girl sleeps in her swing for her morning nap because I put it up in our room when I discovered she naps better in a dark room. Her nursery is too bright in the day. She naps in the evening in her crib as the room is darker then, but it does take her longer to settle. This weekends project is blackout curtains!

    I don't feel bad about still using the swing, she likes it and has no problems sleeping in her crib at bedtime. Just curious why everyone feels bad about swing this something I should be stopping or just a preference thing ? 
  • The only reason I tried to put him in his crib is because I can keep an eye on him with the baby monitor while I get stuff done around the house. Otherwise I have to keep checking on him in the swing 
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  • @jellybiehn the swing has a weight limit so I just know eventually he is going to have to learn to nap in his crib. 

    Secondly, according to a sleep book I am reading, the most restorative sleep is motionless sleep. Having a baby sleep in swing/carseat/stroller isn't the best kind of sleep. 
  • Xavier sleeps best for his nap on the wedge portion of our sectional. He will sleep for hours there. Sleeps better there than his crib. Too quiet for him in his nursery, may need to invest in sound machine for nursery for when he sleeps. He sleeps in our room at night in his pack 'n play.
  • Actually I just cut him cold turkey. I'm pretty sure they say to wean them off it but hey you don't tease an addict LOL. The first day or so was a little rough. He spent more time crying before he finally fell asleep. It was like nails on a chalkboard. I was just itching to relieve him and put him back in his swing. We did make sure to put a sound machine and lullaby music in his room to sort of mimic what he was getting with the swing. Within a week he has already learned to put himself to sleep. Sometimes he'll cry. Sometimes he'll play. Sometimes he'll just go right to sleep. Crying for 10 or 15 minutues before daytime naps isn't out of the ordinary. His bedtime sleep though he never cries anymore. He is always willing and ready to close his eyes.

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