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I'm hoping this doesn't need a TW given the name of the group, but I'm new here from April 2017.  I just started miscarrying our little girl (first pregnancy) this morning at 11w5d :(. We always knew it was a possibility, but we were of course optimistic.  We actually just got our NIPT results back on Thursday (which were deceptively fine).

Still in a bit of a daze, of course very sad.  Want to take time to mourn this little one, but also anxious to ttc again as I'll be 39 in just over a week and DH is 41 (we just got married in June).  Actually given our ages I was sort of surprised we got pregnant on our second cycle (first temping/paying attention) - so we are grateful that we at least appear to be able to get pregnant.

Will get to the dr on Monday to figure out what's next (I guess D&C?).  'Cause I will not be okay if this takes weeks :(
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Married 6/18/16 (Me 42, DH 44), TTC #2
Natural BFP 8/10/16 --> mc our NIPT-normal little girl at 11w5d on 10/1/16 :(
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IVF #2 Mar-Apr 2017 (testosterone primed agonist/luteal lupron w/HGH - ER 4/8/17 - 10R, 8M, 8F, 5B, 1 PGS normal)
IVF #3 May-Jun 2017 (testosterone primed agonist/luteal lupron w/HGH - ER 6/4/17 - 14R, 5F, 3B, 0 normal)
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IVF #4 Sept 2017 (natural start microdose lupron flare w/HGH - ER 9/28/17 - 33R, 18F, 10B, 4 PGS normals!)
FET #1 (medicated) of one PGS normal 4AA XX 11/2/17 - Beta #1 11/11/17 (153), Beta #2 11/13/17 (324), mc at 5w1d on 11/19/17 :(
IVF #5 Dec 2017 - Insemination of 9 frozen eggs from 2012 (8F, 1B, 0 normal)
Jan 2018 - Natural cycle ERA (normal/receptive) & stimming for
IVF #6 Jan-Feb 2018 (natural start microdose lupron flare w/HGH - ER 2/3/18 - 17R, 6M, 4F, 0 blasts)
IVF #7 Feb 2018 (natural start microdose lupron flare w/HGH - ER 2/26/18 - 19R, 9M, 9F, 4B, 2 PGS normals)
FET #2 Apr 2018 (natural cycle w/o trigger, w/P4 support) of one PGS normal 4AA- XX 4/5/18 - Beta #1 4/14/18 (67), Beta #2 4/16/18 (231)
Rainbow baby girl born 12/16/2018 (via c-section, induced at 39 weeks)

FET #3 Dec 2019 (natural cycle w/o trigger, w/P4 support) of one PGS normal 3BB XY 12/16/19 - Beta #1 12/24/19 (139), Beta #2 12/27/19 (482)

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    I'm  so sorry for your loss.  We were 10 wks when we found out our angel had no heartbeat.  We are 41 and want another child.  We had our son when were 40 and started trying for 2nd baby as soon as possible. It took us 3 months each time to get pregnant.  We were super excited about 2nd pregnancy.  I was devastated with our loss as was DH. I'd say I was an absolute mess for the first month but then one day I went the whole day without crying and then days got a little easier. My LO helps but also as I approached the time that we could begin trying again made it easier as well.  I was never more excited when my cycle returned about 6 weeks after d & c.  So I understand grieving and being anxious to try.  You will figure out right time for you. 

    As for d & c, my doctor strongly recommended because he knew we wanted to try as soon as possible and typical recovery is quick and cycle returns 4-6 weeks later    We were told we could begin trying as soon as it returned.  I also think it helped with the healing process and my emotional state as the process was quick and very little pain following procedure.   Although I bled for about 4.5 weeks, it was not heavy mostly spotting except for first couple of days.  

    This board has been great.  Reading other experiences and sharing stories with wonderful women on this board helped me to grieve and no I wasn't alone.  

    Again I'm so sorry for your loss.  None of us should have to be here.   My thoughts and prayers are with you.  Wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery. 
  • I am so, so sorry to hear this @artemis618. I don't have any experience with trying immediately as I was benched for 7 months following my MC. The ladies here are great, and I'll hope you will join us at TTCAL when you're ready. It's a shitty club to be in, but welcome. My thoughts are with you as your mourn your LO. 
    Me: 39 DH: 39
    CP 1/25/16 4.5 weeks, developed Graves' disease
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  • I m/c between 6 and 7 weeks (naturally, no d/c) and we were OK'ed by the OB to try again right away. I am HR and AMA so we didn't feel like we could wait. I might have made a different decision at age 25. 

    talk to your doctor and see what they say. you might be free to TTC again right away. 

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