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FFFC 9/30

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Thought I would get this one going in case any one else has some raging hormonal confessing to do besides myself..
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Re: FFFC 9/30

  • krzyriverkrzyriver
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    I swear if one more person says baby will come when they come I'm gonna end up in jail. 
    I second this. There are actually many things that have a good chance of moving things along. Walking/hip rolls for example help move the baby into position. So I could wallow in my misery and just nap all day, but I'm almost 39 weeks and I do NOT want to be induced. Baby will come when he comes, but there are things I can do to help him and I will continue to do them.

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  • Yup right there with you @krzyriver!

  • i hate calling the nurses for help and i cannot wait for this wound to heal so i can wipe in comfort
  • @kmolleltz it's frustrating as hell esp if you have a c section. thankfully my little clone fed so well at 2am it made me feel better lol
  • @mrszoess yeah thats what I'm afraid of!  :# hopefully I will be so enamored with little one that it keeps my mind off it? 
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  • @kmolleltz I hear you. I really take pride in running my house and keeping everything together. My midwives insist on a week of bed rest after delivery, even for vaginal deliveries. They attribute the rise in PPD to mom's not getting proper rest after having a baby. My fiancé is adamant that we follow this recommendation. It's going to be so hard for me to rest so I'm probably exactly the type of mom they have to put this in place for!
  • I'm being induced tomorrow and I still haven't decided if I'm going to get an epidural.
    I'm going with yes, yes you will. I tried that with my first but pitocin contractions are no joke! I was induced again with my second and didn't even think about trying to be a hero that time, lol. They better have my epidural ready when I get there! 
    Good luck with whatever you decide.  :)

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  • +1 for usually having a tendency to not accept/ask for help and to be stubborn about doing things myself but between being exhausted, hungry, uncomfortable/in pain, waking up to crime scene-like bleeding after overdoing it the other day, etc.....I've gotten much more comfortable delegating and telling/asking people to do stuff while I spend QT with this freaking adorable baby who has already grown a little! I have found that BFing and refusing to pump much at first is a great excuse for retreating with LO, too. Rather than letting anyone come over to snuggle your baby so you can do the dishes/laundry/cleaning, flip that shit on anyone who comes over "to help" immediately PP so you don't regret missing a second!
  • UponAStar16UponAStar16
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    @NicholeL16 the week of bedrest sounds great! I couldn't medically do that because of the risk of blood clots post-CS...not sure if that applies to vaginal delivery too, but either way getting rest is sooo important. The only PP times I've cried are when I'm really exhausted and having trouble getting this baby to eat or sleep. Although I am cringing about the blah weather and sunlight change  :#

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  • Obviously I haven't had this baby yet but I think as a STM+ you become a little (possibly a lot) more willing to accept and even ask for help. Last time I wouldn't have wanted this but this time my MIL is coming to stay for a week or so once baby is here. Partly for the toddler's sake, and partly for mine- but I know I will need some extra hands.

  • I wish my epi would have worked on the lady bits. I didn't feel contractions but I most certainly felt two children having birthdays!  

    Yall, the NICU train is a hard one to ride. I miss my babies. :( 
  • @sjo_thetwins ; :/

    fx for a short nicu stay for your little ladies. 
  • @sjo_thetwins I hope they're not in there too much longer!! 
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  • Hang in there @sjo_thetwins!! How are your girls doing?

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  • @sjo_thetwins You have all my hugs girl, keep your chin up. It's so rough, but just keep reminding yourself they are getting the best possible care! Rest up as much as you can too, it won't last forever ♡
  • So sorry @sjo_thetwins
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  • Hugs! @sjo_thetwins ... Hopefully they'll be able to make a break for it sooner rather than later!
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  • Hugs to NICU mommas<3
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