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LO meal ideas for daycare

I feel like I pack the same foods for my LO for daycare. Usually a vegetable like sweet potato or spaghetti squash and some sort of pasta for lunch. Then snacks are crackers and a cut up sting cheese stick, or applesauce or peaches. I also pack yogurt too. Plus milk for lunch. I'm afraid he's getting too much dairy if that's possible. Looking for ideas on how to mix it up. TIA  

Re: LO meal ideas for daycare

  • I also pack all meals and snacks. Daycare provides all but they often serve
    processed stuff that I don't want him eating. Yesterday they served turkey roll ups and fruits/veggies and soft pretzel sticks for one of the snacks. Not bad by any means, just not the stuff we feed him at home. 

    We don't do pastas or grains so I don't send that kind of stuff. But I always send a meat, either shredded chicken, turkey or ground beef.  Usually two servings of that because he loves him some meat.  For veggies I do green beans, peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, Dr Preagers broccoli, carrot or sweet potatoe kids shapes, what we veggie we had the night before, etc. and it's usually 3 servings of a veggie with the meat.  I make big portions of everything and freeze in single serve silicone containers or ice cube trays. So in the morning when I'm making him and dad breakfast I just grab the bags of stuff from the freezer, defrost and put in his lunch bento box. (I work full time and this is kid one, we will see how well I stick to this plan with a second child, lol)

    I also usually send fresh watermelon and avocado as well. Those are his favorite foods and are perfect for snack time. I will occasionally send cheese sticks. He's not a fruit fan so watermelon and pears are usually it in that department. 

    I swear by the Dr Praegers foods tho. Healthy and easy to serve. And he loves them. We get a good variety at dinner so if we alternate the same stuff for lunch I don't feel so bad, you know? Sounds like you are doing great. There's also another post about this too someplace that had done good ideas. 
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