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Baby girl will be here soon and we still haven't agreed on a name...I don't even feel like we're close.  My husband prefers gender neutral names and I like family names.  If the first name isn't Josephine, it will be used as the middle name. Any input would be helpful as I'm getting anxious about not having a name with her arrival fast approaching.

Name help 48 votes

Josephine "Josie" Brooke
50% 24 votes
Colbie Josephine
10% 5 votes
Brooklyn Josephine
6% 3 votes
Hailey Josephine
8% 4 votes
Austin Josephine
4% 2 votes
Elaina Josephine
20% 10 votes

Re: Name help

  • you must be new. try the baby names board. 
  • Josephine is such an old lady name.


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  • I stand by the name I suggested in the other baby names thread. Some other ladies had input too- did you check back there?
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  • Off to the name board you go! 
  • I actually searched for a specific name board and couldn't find a main one...just lots of off shoots. I'd still appreciate opinions...and less shaming about the placement of my post.  Thanks for anyone who voted!
  • Try Google.

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  • @scostel2 Preach. 
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  • @chriscasey33 thanks for the information. I don't actually remember posting anything so maybe pregnancy brain is actually a thing.  I do want to read the feedback so I'll have to try accessing from my computer instead of my phone because I don't see any information about previous posts by clicking on my name.  @scostel2 I've been in this group since the beginning and have read lots of posts...just because I haven't used it as an opportunity to attack someone for making a mistake on the forum doesn't mean I haven't been participating.  If my post annoyed you, you could choose to ignore it.  I thought this was a supportive community...maybe not as much as I thought.
  • @SuperNerd42 thanks for the feedback! I wasn't getting notifications from my phone app so had to log on through the website to see the comments I missed.
  • genettaj said:
    @SuperNerd42 thanks for the feedback! I wasn't getting notifications from my phone app so had to log on through the website to see the comments I missed.
    Which still doesn't explain why you claimed to be unable to find a name board or thread when you apparently had posted there recently. Pregnancy brain is real, but doesn't impair your ability to just be receptive and honest when called out/redirected, nor does it relate to the mobile issue with notifications (I get that mobile sucks for notifications unless you star the thread).

    Given that you are someone who has basically been uninvolved in the supportive community aspect here, and that you imply you have participated by reading posts since the beginning, I'm surprised that you are surprised and that you consider the responses you got to have been "attacked." This board is super chill if you are, and I'd go as far as to say it's chill even if you (anyone) aren't, but we will voice our thoughts/opinions on things posted evennif it goes beyond the specific thing you're requesting help with. If the responses you got annoyed you, you could choose to ignore them in the same way you ignored the 63321146890521 previous posts in which O16 moms have really needed (and provided) support.
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