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GTKY: what do you do for a living?


Re: GTKY: what do you do for a living?

  • I'm an insurance agent.
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  • I am in-house counsel at a health insurance company.
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  • moonkv said:
    @MrsW0805 I'm a dental hygienist as well! What state do you practice in? I'm in Indiana (licensed in Kentucky as well) working 4-5/days a week. 
    @moonkv and @mrsw0805 oh I've never been so happy to see ladies working in the dental field as i am right now.  OK so I had to get 2 cavities filled this morning and my dentist offered silver or white.  I usually take white, but these teeth are way in the back and he said silver would last longer.  I took silver and just now thought, "Oh shit... did I just harm the baby by getting silver!?".  Guys is this REALLY bad?  I can't find a recent study online.  I've gone into full blow panic mode.   My dentist is a good family friend so I kind of don't want to call and ask so that word doesn't get out that I'm pregnant.  Worst case, I'll happily call if you're not certain.  The baby is way more important than keeping the pregnancy secret. 
  • I'm a marketing manager at a tech company.

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  • I just finished my HROD masters and will graduate in December! Let me know if you ever need help!
  • sign me up for the 2nd most popular, health care worker.  Specifically, a hospital pharmacist.  For yeeeaars, my home base was in pediatrics & the ED.  But since returning from maternity leave, i've apparently become the mostly cardiac intensive care unit &  occasional medical intensive care unit pharmacist. *shrug
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  • @mrscalirn that's great! Good luck to you!
  • I was a SAHM with my first 3 kids.   I just went back to work as a hospice nurse 3wks ago.  

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  • I am a full time nanny for a 4 year old and I also work as a server at a bar/restaurant. I only have temporary insurance until I can get on Obamacare in January and temporary insurance does not cover anything pregnancy related so I have to pay out of pocket for the next two months :(. My husband doesn't have health insurance either as he is an independent contractor. We make too Much money for medicaid. Ugh I am not pleased with this country's healthcare system one bit, but I am SO THANKFUL for Obamacare and so is my baby.  
  • I work for one of the bigger telecommunications companies up here.  I have a split job where half my time is spent on process analysis and training and the other half is supporting Account Managers with their pre-sales work.  
  • Work full time at a county run animal shelter. I'm in charge of animal health. I do meds daily, take sick animals to the vet, and also deworm and vaccinate incoming animals. I'm also a LuLaRoe Consultant and absolutely love it! 
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  • I do all the finance and HR for my family business. Engineering and drafting based out of St. Louis, but our production is done in New Delhi and The Philippines, so I travel a lot! The Philippines now has Zika so I had to cancel my upcoming trips :( 
  • I am a Certified Medical Assistant and I work in Family Medicine.  I really enjoy my job and working in the healthcare field has inspired me to go back to school.  I am currently working on becoming a registered dietitian. 
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  • I coach competitive figure skaters. It's not a forgiving profession when you are pregnant. I've already had to give up some income teaching classes where I have to do heavy lifting or have a risk of falling. The doctor says I can keep my skates on for 5 months, but in my competitive environment, people stay on the ice until they deliver. It's not worth the risk to me, so I know I'll lose business. :( Planning for all of this is a major stressor, but my kids are more important! 
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  • I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, I work on-call at 3 different spas/offices, and I do chair massage events once a month. 
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  • I'm a secretary for a local school district and I do not work in a school
  • accountant working on my CPA - primarily tax with some audit
  • I am a 8th grade US History Teacher. I have no clue how I am going to keep my cool while pregnant. This group of 8th graders are something else.
  • So many teachers! Yay for summer babies so no interruption to our school year! Add one more to the teacher count. I teach 5th grade in south Florida. 
  • I work in clinical research (study conduct). I have a nursing background.
    I also work in clinical research. I'm a study coordinator.
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  • I'm an auditor at a mid-size bank, also working on my CPA and hope I can finish before the babe gets here! 2 down, 2 to go! 
  • I am a freelance writer. You will probably never read a single thing I've written, as I honestly mostly do business and personal projects for people, but on the off chance you do come across my work, it'll probably never have my name on it, anyway. 
  • I haven't seen this one yet - I'm a patent attorney!  My work schedule is pretty demanding so I'm a little worried about juggling pregnancy + work and then baby + work as I plan to return full time after maternity leave.  Hopefully we'll figure something out, though!
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    Wow! I teach the same thing! My 8th graders are pretty good this year,  but last year I had the group from hell! 

    What at state are you in? 



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  • Interesting jobs! I do executive compensation for a major oil company. 
  • Marketing Manager for an Aviation company 
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    I teach Grade 2! I am thankful that there is a sliding door that connects my classroom to the one next to me. I've already told my teaching neighbour that I'm pregnant so she can keep watch on my class in case I need to pop out for a quick pee break! 

    This is is also my first post. Hi!
  • Add another to the health care worker pool...I'm a pediatric ER physician
  • Haven't seen this yet, I'm a chef. Trying to keep this pregnancy a secret from work as long as possible, thankfully my jackets are so baggy they'll do a great job. Haha. Having trouble with 9-10 hour shifts, feeling so exhausted by afternoon. But have just decided to nap extra on data off. Hopefully that will help with fautige!
    erinngibson said:
    I am a full time nanny for a 4 year old and I also work as a server at a bar/restaurant.
    Yay someone else in hospitality
  • I am a labor/delivery/NICU/postpartum nurse.  I work in a critical access hospital (in a rural area) so the nurses here do EVERYTHING when it comes to mom and baby!!  I actually delivered my first baby (doctor didn't make it in time) last week!!!  I sometimes feel like a fraud when I am giving moms advice on how to breast feed or go through labor when I have never done it myself (until now), but if anyone has any questions regarding labor/recovery/etc.  I am your girl!!
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    Pre-baby no 2 I worked in mutual funds. Then took a 2 year career break to be home with my 2 boys (and deal with a transatlantic move). I returned to work just 5 months ago and am now a librarian in my small town. 
  • So many teachers! Both my mom and grandmother were teachers. They have so much more patience then I do :)

    I work as a design strategist for a music streaming company. 
  • @JessH127 I am in STL so you're probably thinking of my employer!  I love my job, but it does get draining sometimes.  Thank goodness for awesome coworkers!
  • So many teachers! I am social worker. I've worked mostly with program development around regional aging services so a lot of work with hospitals and planning for the baby boomers. I recently quit my full-time job to do grad school but I still do some trainings for different agencies in my area. 
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