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  • I wish I did something creative, but unfortunately no.  I was out of tests so I ordered more on Amazon on Thursday and they arrived on Saturday afternoon.  He asked what was in the box, I told him more tests :)   So at 5:30am on Sunday I pulled out a test, POAS, and then slept walked with it back to our bedroom (because I was too impatient to wait and didn't want to look in case it was negative), fell back asleep and then woke up to the positive results on my nightstand.  Tapped hubby on the shoulder showed him the result and then he said, aren't you not supposed to believe the test after 5 minutes, so I got up again and POAS then brought it back to bed to show him the pink lines :)  We both knew we were trying, so wasn't sure if it was going to be positive, but was expecting to test.    This is the first time I feel like we're really had the BFP experience.   We struggled with our first child so I got a call from the doctor with blood work results before the positive on a test.
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  • I didn't do anything fancy for this one. My fiancé was sitting on the couch reading to our 2 daughters and I laughed and told him that I was pregnant. 
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  • Well gees now I'm crying!  haha happy tears, these stories are adorable.  omg.

    So haven't told DH yet since I just found out umm 2hrs ago.  LMAO  But my plan is to get a "world's Greatest dad" mug and make him some coffee.  I hope i can film it hehe.  I'm not very subtle.
  • @JessErinF - I definitely cried reading these stories, too!
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  • My DH went camping for a Bachelor party and I had a feeling I was pregnant so I bought a test and sure enough  BFP!  I bought my DD a shirt a few months ago that said "promoted to Big Sister"  So when he got home the next morning my DD walked up to him with the pregnancy test (in a baggie! lol).  He said he kinda knew, so he wasn't completely shocked.  We've been trying a about 9 months so he was pretty used to my "cycle" and knew I was late..
  • I love these cute stories. With my first I was really anxious to take the test but wanted to do it first thing in the morning. I couldnt sleep so I did it at 3 am and yelled to my husand to wake up now and then just handed it to him bc I was already crying with excitement.
    Yesterday I took it on a whim on our way out to dinner. My husband was waiting in the car with our son beeping and yelling whats taking so long bc baby was crying. I ran out waving the test saying this! And then tears! Not cute but memorable for us ☺
  • I took 2 tests at 10dpo and there were such faint lines, I thought they may be indents. So I asked DH to come look. He thought there might be, but we have been down this road several times already for it to be nothing or a chemical pregnancy

    Well we had to go out of town for a wedding that day, so I didn't have a chance to test again until the next day. Before going to my parents house to pick up our kids, I had him stop at Walmart and I bought two different boxes of tests. We ran home, I took 3 tests at the same time (you know, you need to be sure lol) and he was in our room. I immediately saw the clear blue turn positive and started going "pssssst" to get him to come to the bathroom. He was searching for something and was taking forever so I kept doing it. He goes "I know what that means!" and finally came in. I stared at the tests layed out on the counter and said "I think I'm pregnant" and he picked me up and hugged me, he was so excited.

    This was a special one because 3 out of 4 our previous pregnancies, I found out while he was at work. He always told me he wanted to be part of the test taking, and since this is the absolute last baby (#4), he got to be part of it and was thrilled :)
  • We've been "trying" for about five months. I put it in quotes because we just stopped using BC. No temping or anything like that. 

    I typically would wait until my period was significantly late to test. In the past five months, I tested once when my period was a week late. 

    Anyway, I injured a rib at the gym on day 31 of my cycle (I tend to have 31, 32, 33 day cycles) and it hurt so bad, I decided to go to the clinic because I thought it may have popped out of its socket. So I told H the night before that I was going to test. I hadn't really had any pregnancy symptoms or my normal period symptoms, But I knew if they wanted to prescribe meds or give me an X-ray, they'd want to know if I was pregnant or could be pregnant. So I woke up early about 6 because I had to pee. So I grabbed the stick and sure enough, a positive!!

    I went back to the bedroom, shook H and told him. He was still half asleep and he was like "wait a minute let me wake up." He told me today that he didn't even know I was going to test and I should have waited until he was awake, and I was like, dude, I told you the night before. Anyway, I really should have waited until he was a little more woke up, but oh well. 
  • Mine isn't clever haha. I was surprised by my BFP. I thought that I was testing way early and was probably gonna get a no but it was a hard positive! I got this around 10 in the morning and my BF gets home from work around 4:30. I was so tempted to just call and tell him but I wanted the in person reaction. So, this package he's been waiting for came while he was at work too so I texted "I've got two surprises for you!"

    And then he got home and I told him his package came and he was super excited for that and opened it and all. Then he said "What's the second surprise?" And I said "I'm pregnant!" And I showed him the tests and he laughed and got a little teary eyed. Simple and sweet.
  • I was boring. He got home from work and I was all "so this happened today" 

    first baby i was much more creative, second baby I legt the stick out with some onesies. Poor third baby. 
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  • @mombod, this is so similar to my story! I was so excited the first time that I couldn't sleep and my husband still talks about how I woke him up. This time, it was in the middle of taking care of my sick daughter and my husband wondering where the heck I was.  :)
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    I originally planned on making a baby themed dinner. Baby back ribs, baby corn, baby carrots, tater tots lol. Or having a glass made with something written on the bottom. Well, I couldn't wait. I handed him the stick 5 minutes after I peed on it. Lol. He didn't have a big reaction since it was 6 in the morning. Still very early . Only 5 weeks along.
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  • This is a rainbow after a late term stillbirth, so very planned and very wanted. Timed, if you will, since I was told best for me, would be if I let my body recover a full year.

    My hubby is a web developer, so I told him that I downloaded an app that kept directing me to a weird webpage. 

    I handed him my phone, open to a note page that said, "I'm pregnant." He was over the moon.
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  • I used a cute reveal we were pregnant with a book and two superman onesis we had from dd one was boyish the other girly had it laid out on the bed for when he came home he walked in and got teary eyed, unfortunately that one ended in a miscarriage on Sept 7. We found out this pregnancy together on Oct 6. We were out for a family hike and got a call from the midwives saying they had approved to take me in as a client I was devastated but also thought maybe it's a sign so I had test with us to test the next morning, instead I went mid day and tested we waited it was dark positive no squinting and just showed him the stick! ( I asked him after the miscarriage once we started trying again what's some ways he would want me to tell he said just show me the stick lol)
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  • this was unplanned. I called him up and said we needed to talk, showed him the test and said that this happened this morning. 

    I wasn't cute before either, basically shoved a stick in his face each time lol. 

    11/18/16 missed m/c 9w1
    05/2017 cp
    08/03/17 no hb 8w

  • Over the weekend I told him it appeared that my period wasn't showing up and that I was going to wait until Tuesday and then POAS. I left it sitting in the bathroom, when he noticed I told him it was for real now. He pretty much responded with this face: 

    DD1 4.14.10
    DD2 8.22.13
    MMC 1.4.17 at 16w
    Expecting #3, EDD 1.29.18

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  • My husband knew I was testing since that was the day the dr told us to after iui. As the first line appeared, knowing full well that that was the line that needed to appear to have 2 lines, I ran into the bedroom and jumped on the bed and said babe I'm pregnant, he got a big stupid grin on his face. He is super excited since this is first =)
  • I had tested on Friday before my husband went out of town and got a BFN, so he was a little disappointed but said next month we would try again. I just felt like it wasn't over. So Sunday morning I woke up and took a HPT and got a faint BFP. I didn't believe it, so I went out and bought another box. Three HPTs and three BFPs! 

    Husband was still out of town, I bought three pumpkins, two medium and one small, thinking he would just get it. He didn't! When he came home he was just like 'oh nice, you decorated'. So I had the HPTs in a ziplock bag and showed him! He said 'oh, you're pregnant!' It was great. I knew I should have put nametags on the pumpkins! 
  • In a way, my DH told me before I told him. When I was 8 dpo and my temps had fallen and I didn't think I was pregnant, I heard Bryan Adams's "Everything I Do," a song I normally dislike, and nearly started crying. DH says to me, "I wouldn't normally say this, but you must be pregnant."

    After 8 dpo my temps steadily climbed, so that gave us an inkling. I confirmed at 11 dpo at woke my husband up at 5:30 am to show him the second line.
  • I don't have a cute story at all... just a line debate with DH.  So I had a FET and tested before beta (cause eh... why not).  On 7dp5dt, I got what I assumed was a BFN evap or indent line. I had done about a 4 minute read and walked away when I saw the ultimate squinter of a line and just figured "MFer evap/indent line".  I accidentally left it out and when DH came downstairs to leave for work he said "so does the test mean we're pregnant!?".  When I said "no", he looked a bit confused and said "but doesn't two lines mean pregnant?".  I explained what an indent or evap line is (I've had them before) and how blue dye tests are the devil in an overpriced box.  Yes... I accidentally bought a crappy blue dye generic brand X HPT. He looked upset and said "Oh. It just looked like two lines. That sucks."

    Well when I went to throw out the HPT it looked like a BFP and I could understand his confusion. While I figured it was a false positive in typical blue dye fashion on a result read after the 10 minute mark, my mind wandered.  I went to the store and bought legit tests (FRER).  Well... pretty quick BFP.  So being the non-romantic I am, I texted a pic of it to DH saying "Oh well now this is two lines."  He then called me and said I need to make up my mind what the tests mean because he can't take the roller coaster emotions.  We then "argued" how one can be constituted a BFN and one a BFP.  It was about as romantic as the process of getting an embryo into me.  We are thrilled though.  Yay science!  
  • I took a cheap test while my husband was at work. Saw a faint line. He called me while he was working. I told him that I saw the faint line and we needed to get one of the digital tests. When he got home from work, I left out son and husband at home and ran to Walmart for two digital tests. He came inside right when they both turned to pregnant and he said, "what's that mean?!"

    Not cute but totally us. I told him I was pregnant with DS over the phone and he proposed to me while I was driving on the highway. We're boring 
  • Tested in the morning while SO was sleeping. Went out and bought "I'm a big sister" book and had LO hand it to him when he woke up. He looked at it for a min the. Looked at me shocked and asked if I really was. He then jumped up and gave me a hug. It was really sweet he is so excited. Poor LO had no idea what was going on. 
  • One night at dinner, I couldn't eat my hamburger because it tasted too meaty. I didn't say anything to him but decided to test the next morning, as food aversions were always my first symptom. We weren't trying but also we were not being the most careful (didn't think we could actually get pg on our own thanks to history of infertility). So, of course, my DD1 woke up at 5am and came into our bed. A little while later, I got up and did a test, which immediately turned positive. Then I did two more which also turned positive immediately. I walked out of the bathroom in shock, DH asked what was wrong after looking at my face and so I told him in code (due to 3 year old). He was so excited, I was sobbing and in shock, and our DD1 was super confused. 
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  • BellaO21BellaO21 member
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    We had gotten a BFN about a week prior, When my MP didn't start I decided to test again while he was at work. DH got all the goodies after dinner that night! The card was my favorite part lol
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  • I had my daughter in a "big sis" shirt when my husband got home from work. Naturally he didn't notice. He asked what she did that day and I told him that she had gone to gymnastics, and she got a new shirt. That prompted him to look finally, haha. He spent the rest of the night in disbelief, Isaying, "Wow! What a day! I can't believe it! This is great!"
  • I had all these amazing plans of grandeur. On Wednesday I took a test, negative. Thursday morning, negative. Friday morning, I took one just for the hell of it but pretty much thought I was out.  After three minutes, it was negative. I jumped in the shower. When I got out I picked the test off the counter to throw it away I was like, Holy shit, is that a light positive?  I was so overwhelmed that I ran into the other bathroom (we are in a tiny apartment so we are using separate bathrooms.) DH was in the shower. I turned off the water, threw back the curtain, and shoved my test at my confused and shivering hubby.

    Me: 34  DH: 35
    Married: July 2009
    BFP: November 2012 after 2 years of TTC     DS born August 2013
    Diagnosed with PCOS April 2016
    3 months of trigger shot with timed intercourse BFN x3
    First IUI: 9/17/16            BFP: 9/30/16              EDD: 6/11/17

  • Nothing cutesy for me. We had a whoops and somehow got this little one. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility and recurrent miscarriages. But I knew we had sex with no protection one night, so I when I woke up with craxy sore boobs I took a cheapie test. There was a super faint line. Dh didn't see it when I showed him. So I got a frer. Like was clear as day. He came home for lunch I said.. "well so this happened" and showed him the test. He said "are you serious?" Then lots of laughs and he is praying for a boy! Lol

    Mom to Madison- 5 and Lillian 2....and now surprise baby #3!
  • I didn't do anything cutesy.   This will be our first.   DH really wants to be a dad but he had a lot of issues with his own dad growing up and is really worried about repeating that history.   So I've been trying to handle him a little.   He works nights so he was sleeping when I took the first test.   I made sure it was on his day off so I could tell him when I got home from work.  I carefully explained that the HPT meant most likely pregnant but we needed to do a blood test to confirm.   I went to my doctor's for the blood test a couple days later and texted him as soon as I got the positive results (we were both at work).   He sent me a very sweet text back about how it was wonderful news and that he loved me.    
    Me: 34 DH: 36
    Married: June 2014
    DS Born 6/22/17

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  • I found out Friday, and now it's almost Monday and I haven't told DH yet. I want to have a better feeling about it before I tell him, so hopefully after my 48 hour recheck on hcg I'll feel better. I haven't decided yet, but I think I'll take an idea from here and use a children's book about a baby to tell him because he reads to DD every night. :)
    Downside of waiting to tell him...I've been so hormonal and he is just acting like I'm a jerk. So hopefully I don't just snap and say, "For crying out loud, I'm growing your second child. The least you could do is clean up dinner!" That'd be romantic, huh? Haha. 
  • My mom bought a candle that had this tiny pumpkin wrapped in ribbon, tied around it. I put it in front of the pumpkins we had (dad, mom, baby) for the three of us. He immediately saw it when he came home and immediately asked "what's this? Are you pregnant?" I was shocked he saw it- let alone used detective skills to know I was pregnant. 
  • I made my husband read the test. I knew though, from about 5-6 dpo my uterus felt occupied. After a couple more days I did a test, hid it under a cloth so I couldn't see, ran to wake husband at 5:00am to go read it. He came back to bed, hugged me and said "sorry dear". 
    I KNEW he was wrong, so instead of just letting it go, I ran back to the bathroom. Two lines! One was faint, but not a squinter by any means. 
    So I ran back and said there's two lines, I'm pregnant! He looks at me and says "I know babe but one is faint". He didn't believe me for days until I showed him the line getting darker! 

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    My boyfriend's birthday is Monday, so I bought a card and put this in it! 

  • I woke up early to pee, decided to test and see what happened. Saw the faint line and hugged DH while he was still sleeping. I said, "The test was positive. Come and check!" He was all smiles, kissed me and then went back to bed. How's that for an anti-climactic event?!

    Me: 31
         DH: 34
    Married 11/09/2013
    LO#1: LMP 09/14/2014  BFP 10/15/2014  EDD 06/24/2015  DS Born 06/14/2015
    LO#2: LMP 09/18/2016  BFP 10/19/2016  EDD 06/27/2017 DD Born 06/27/2017
    LO#3: LMP 05/16/2018  BFP 06/18/2018  EDD 02/20/2019

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