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GTKY - How'd you tell your SO?

Starting it up with the obvious because why not?  

How did you tell your SO?  - Please feel free to tell some of your TTGP story also.

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                                                     BFP#2:  06/12/2013 ---- loss
                                                            DS #2 born 4/08/2014
      BPF#4: 2/1/2016 --- 2/23/2016 suspected molar pregnancy--- 3/15/2016 D&E - diagnosis MM
                                                               BFP#5 - 9/22/2016
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Re: GTKY - How'd you tell your SO?

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  • I caved and took a test late in the afternoon just to ease my mind a bit. My DH came home and I immediately jumped up and showed him the test and said "So this happened!" He was so excited and then he took me out to dinner to fulfill one of my cravings.
  • @itsfine and @Mother0fDragons y'all are way ahead of me with your big sister shirts. I want to do that when we tell the fam.

    I took a test at like 8DPO and DH and I both watched and asked each other if the other saw a line. Finally it turned into "OMG that's positive!"
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    So, my pregnancy was a huge surprise. My BF and I have only been seeing each other for a few months. We are both in school and trying to do right. I also have a nearly 3 year old from a previous relationship. I also didn't mention that I'm 37 and he's 31. This will be his first. We don't live together, actually he is in FL and I'm in VA so we only see each other once a month. I took a home test Sunday night then went to my family care dr Monday morning. Once they confirmed the pregnancy I called him and said "I have something to tell you." He asked if I was pregnant and I told him I was. He first thought I was messing with him, then I burst out in tears. I told him I didn't mean for it to happen and I was sorry. He stopped me and said "you have no reason to cry, we are going to be fine." Now he's talking about houses and baby names. Can't say I'm not scared still....
  • I wanted to do something fun but ended up just bringing out the stick and saying surprise ready for #3??  
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    Whoops. Posted in the wrong thread. Dang mobile bumping.
  • Loving all these stories! Mine was kind of anticlimactic.  This will be our 3rd kiddo and my 4th pregnancy.  My DH is still kind of in shock that it happened so quickly after my MC.  I took the test early in the morning and he was on a business trip so I couldn't tell him until later that night. I just brought him out the test and said so I think I'm pregnant again... And he was like ok?? Took him a while to process and get excited.  I think it's going to take to the first healthy ultrasound for him to really absorb it.  
  • I told him over the phone while I was running to Walmart for more tests. I felt kind of cheated out of the cute reveal I had been planning for months so I did it anyway even though he knew already. I gave him a onesie and a sweet card and the digital test I turned today. His reaction was super sweet and I got a little teary. I'll never forget it. 
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  • I picked up a onesie and a big bro shirt. I put them in a box with the test and told H I needed help with my new phone. He opened it and said "I knew it, are you ready". Pretty much the same thing he said 5 years ago lol

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  • You ladies are so cute. With DD, I took the test at the crack of dawn and then promptly woke my husband from a deep sleep with the news. He was very excited once he had a chance to wake up and process. (And then he promptly went back to sleep-how do they do that?) With this one, my DD had been sick so hubby had been sleeping with her in the glider. Again at the crack of dawn (can't help myself!), I told him and he was just like "OK". He's the typical man who doesn't show any emotion and then a few days later will be excited. Both times, I was up the rest of the early morning bouncing off the walls with excitement. We're both over the moon now. And a little nervous that we'll have 2 under 2 for a couple months.
  • @mamaelle27 - sounds exactly like how I told DH about our first :) You got this 2u2 thang!  Mine are 23 months apart so not the typical 2u2 experience but they are such great friends (...or maybe enemies that love each other is a better way to put it) 

                                                                DS #1 born 05/25/2012   
                                                         BFP#2:  06/12/2013 ---- loss
                                                                DS #2 born 4/08/2014
          BPF#4: 2/1/2016 --- 2/23/2016 suspected molar pregnancy--- 3/15/2016 D&E - diagnosis MM
                                                                   BFP#5 - 9/22/2016
                                                                                                                                     * formally bornmommy

  • @bornmommy- thanks! Ours will be 22 months apart. :smile:
  • This is our third, so our story is pretty boring lol. I took a test at 10 DPO because I was feeling a bit off that morning. I was absolutely shocked to see a faint line. I took a picture of the test and texted it to my husband. We then had a back and forth text convo about how shocked we were! 
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  • I haven't told my husband yet, I keep going back and forth and kinda need some outside advice!!!  So my husband will be gone for a couple of weeks, when he comes home I have this fake scratch off ticket that reveals the pregnancy which he will totally love, but I have the opportunity to have a ultrasound done while he's gone and I can show him it with the ticket, OR I can make the appointment for when he comes home and trick him into coming and giving him the lottery ticket when we are close to the ultrasound clinic, and be like surprise!!! Help!! 
  • @Yailani23 I admire your will power. DH's bday is on Saturday and I planned to wait, but that day when he got home from work I caved. I told him I couldn't wait to give him his birthday gift and still managed to surprise him. Definitely wasn't how I planned it though!
  • Thank you! It's taking everything in me not to slip up @MKRLTX ! It's harder than I thought. I'm just thinking of a cute way to surprise him

    DH: 35 | Me: 29
    BFP #1- 07.25.12, EDD: 03.24.13, DD born 03.26.13
    Surprised BFP #2- 02.25.15, EDD: 10/29/15 |*m/c 7w4d, D&C 04.02.2015 
    BFP #3- 01.21.16, EDD: 09.29.26 |*m/c-blighted ovum 2.19.16 8w1d, D&C 03.04.16 
    BFP #4- 05.24.16, EDD: 02.04.17 |*natural m/c-  07.08.16, 9w1d
    BFP #5- 09/25/16, EDD: 06.07.17 GROW
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  • @keniialise - the lotto ticket sounds adorable.  I think either way it would be fun 

                                                                DS #1 born 05/25/2012   
                                                         BFP#2:  06/12/2013 ---- loss
                                                                DS #2 born 4/08/2014
          BPF#4: 2/1/2016 --- 2/23/2016 suspected molar pregnancy--- 3/15/2016 D&E - diagnosis MM
                                                                   BFP#5 - 9/22/2016
                                                                                                                                     * formally bornmommy

  • My husband works at a hospital in Boston and leaves very early. I found out after he had already left. After our loss over the summer I was so surprised to be pregnant so quickly. I just called and blurted it out! Now I have to have my HCG levels checked every 48 hours to monitor and make sure it is not another ectopic. 
  • Loving all these stories! So sweet  <3 
    I put a "big brother" shirt on DS for when my husband got home yesterday - it was our four year anniversary so I got to tell him we were becoming a family of four. Nice coincidence. 

    Me: 29 DH: 35

    Married: 9/29/12

    DS #1: 3/8/15

  • "I'm pregnant." Apparently he expected some big reveal, which we've never done and I didn't intend to start now. 

  • My hubby bought some tests for us and he told me to test on Thursday morning. I was going to wait till today (Saturday) but I took it anyway and it was a strong line and he was there with me! Haha
  • I to DH yesterday that I was pregnant by wrapping the test up and putting it in a gift bag. He opened it up and asked "are you pregnant?" I started bawling and he got tears in is eyes and then asked me if those were happy tears or mad tears. I of course answered happy tears. 

    After trying for for almost four years to have our first baby, this one was a complete shock! We weren't preventing it by any means but we also didn't think it would happen only ten months after having DS! 
  • I actually forgot about the test I took in the bathroom-the 5 year old distracted me.  So after that little guy went down for the night, I remembered about the test and asked my husband to go grab it from the bathroom.  And here we are.  The whole time I thought my nausea was from weird tacos I had.  It was a total welcome surprise for the both of us. 
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