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Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapering and phimosis

hey everyone! My son is 4 months old and we have been CD since day one. He has just been diagnosed as having phimosis (a narrow opening in the foreskin making it unable to retract) they are treating him with steroid cream to encourage it to open up (If it doesn't work they will have to circumcise) I need to put this steroid cream on his penis for 1 month and then bring him back to the doctor to check the progress. Any suggestions for making cloth diapers work with steroid cream? Should I make some fleece liners? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks ladies!!

Re: Cloth diapering and phimosis

  • What kind of diapers are you using? I use flats and they wash up great in hot water with tide so I've used aquaphor and calmoseptine without any kind of liner and not had any issues. If you're using prefolds, pockets or AIO's I would make or buy some liners since those are more difficult to get clean due to all of the layers being sewn together.  
  • You can just use a liner, and cloth as usual. I know walmart has some really cheap micro fleece blankets that you can cut up and use. 
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    Are you American? Phimosis is completely normal in babies and toddlers and doesn't require cream or circumcision. In fact you can cause damage by retracting a baby.

    I highly recommend having your doctor look into that. The number of American medical professionals who don't know that is astounding.
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