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Newborn Photos

I figured since there's been some babies born already and a whole bunch more coming soon, that we should start a thread to show off our newborn photos. Plus, who doesn't want to look at the baby cuteness!!

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  • @nataliemaephotography
    so precious!
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  • ahhh!! @nataliemaephotography I LOVE IT! What a sweet photo! 
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  • @nataliemaephotography OMGZ! That is the sweetest picture  <3
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  • Such a great idea and adorable photo! 
  • Super cute! 
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  • Oh, how I love this thread! <3
  • Should we put the pictures in spoilers so they don't crash for people using the mobile site or the app?
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  • Oh my gosh, I love that picture! That wreath (and baby!) are amazing!

    I really want to take some nice pictures of LO & the other kiddos but I was really depending on it being nice outside! Our best natural light spot in the house is in the kitchen on the tile floor. Somehow I don't think she'll like laying there naked! I do have a wicker basket I could put her in... I just want to do it before she's out of the sleepy stage.

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  • @nataliemaephotography When you have some spare time, you know in between keeping your baby happy and healthy, would you have any tips to share for taking baby photos in the hospital? I am hoping to get some with my good camera, but it'll be rookies taking them! Of course I have no idea what kind of natural lighting we will have...  :)
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  • missmaehurtmissmaehurt
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    @owlcup Thanks!

    Could you put down a blanket for all the kids to lay on? Then she won't be so cold and you could still use the natural light. 
  • @ibabyloveb87 If you have a window in the room, I would move the little crib over by that to get the best light. But if that's not an option you could bounce the flash off the ceiling to get a softer light. If you have just the pop up flash on the camera see if you (or your husband) can snag a coffee filter from the cafeteria. You can use the filter to act like a screen to soften the typically harsh light. 
  • @nataliemaephotography gorgeous!!! @kmvisioli those boys looks so snuggly!  I'm late deciding that I want newborn photos but after seeing these I think it's a must.  Thanks for sharing!
  • @owlcup I am not a photographer, but I have a tip from ours to get better photos of your newborn.  The baby will be extra sleepy and easier to pose if you heat up the spot where you will be doing the picture.  Our photographer asked us to heat the room up to 80 degrees before the shoot--you can use space heaters if you don't want to heat the whole house.  I'm telling you it was like a miracle, the baby just sleeps forever like that!  I would consider leaving a space heater on in the babies room at all times to get him to sleep better if it wasn't supposedly a SIDS factor to keep the room too warm.  
  • @von1976 OMG how precious!!! I love the colors. 
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