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  • @Kaessi I'm super angry for you. If he's never gone before, it's certainly not necessary. And if it somehow was this time, making it as short as possible and/or making sure you have any help you need before he books it would have been the correct way to handle it. He's lucky you're not me, I would've strangled him. 

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  • @Kaessi I know he's been acting up lately but this is on a whole new level. I'm so sorry your have to deal with that. Do you have family near by that will be able to help you? You are absolutely right to be upset. 

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  • He has mentioned in passing that he might go to the conference, but he just text me a bit ago telling me he's booking Tuesday - Sunday. I just haven't responded because I'm at work & don't want to do this now and over text. I already feel like crap, haven't slept, and am stressed out with a million other things.  This level of selfishness has me completely dumbfounded. As the pregnancy has progressed it's gotten worse & worse and from a psychology point of view I get it...he's scared and feels he's losing control, and blah, blah, blah...but to try to live with it and figure out how to deal with it is a whole different ballgame. 

  • @kaessi wow! I would be very upset too- this kinda takes the cake in terms of selfishness. I am sorry you are having to deal with having to deal with this man child!
  • @Kaessi that's unacceptable and your husband is being totally selfish.  I'm so sorry you have to deal with that.
  • @Kaessi

    Really, he's losing control? You just gave up your life as you know it and your body to create life!!  So no, there's no excuse. He better nor have booked it and if so, hope it is refundable. 
  • @Kaessi so sorry. Thats totally unfair and not right. 
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  • +1 for being upset that I'm still pregnant. Also, during my ultrasound today, my doctor kept muttering, "Gosh, that's a BIG baby." Like, multiple times.  :|
    So, I'm still pregnant with a giant baby. Great.
  • @Kaessi ... Your post makes me feel stabby for you. How f*cking selfish. I can't even imagine how I'd keep it together if my H said that to me. 
    Side note... Any time y'all go through stuff like this I wish I lived closer to that particular person so I could help... It kills the fixer in me not to be able to do something to help!

  • @AllyTheKid @Schell2013 - So sorry you had such a bad night!
    @sjo_thetwins - I live in awe of your strength and fortitude <bowing>
    @books&amp;icecream - hugs!  Speaking of stoopid: Ich habe in meiner Hose sheissen! That is my German experience... very cerebral!
    @Kaessi - Why is it that we make so many excuses and exceptions for the men in our lives? If it was YOU booking that trip, I'm sure he would be very upset! Perhaps you should also (falsely or really) take a trip and leave him with baby...

    My BF is that I found out I may have to share a recovery room in Labor & Delivery! Maybe petty b/c the most important thing is a healthy baby, but I am not happy! I am paying $4,000.00 out of pocket for this baby (which is a lot of $$$$) and I feel I should at LEAST get a private room! Humph!! Also, I don't want to have this baby til after at least the 10/10/16, so I don't have to come back to work til after New Years and I'm already dilating and effacing!!! I'm tryin' like HAIL to hold this boy IN while the rest of O16 is tryin' to get their babies OUT! lol! I'm always backwards.

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  • @Jessicaerin0728 that majorly sucks, I've had kidney stones before, but never while pregnant, and certainly not at 9 months!  Hope you feel better soon.
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  • I'm with you @alikvasnok- hoping for 10/11 after 3pm or later, but I don't think I'll get that wish. I'm nowhere close to labor, but my baby is big, so I doubt they'll let me go that long. 
  • Oh man @Kaessi I would be super pissed and would prob veto the weekend part of the trip. Business trips are rushed all the time. That's super shitty and I'm sorry you have to deal with that! 
  • @Kaessi Sort of just echoing what everyone else is saying - but, yeah, totally unacceptable and I'd be PISSED! I was going to say just what you said, he's freaking out a bit about everything changing and losing control...but guess what?  He's an adult with responsibilities and he's half a part of making this baby, so it's NOT about just his needs anymore.  Time to get over it, buddy and be there for the woman who's put her body through the ringer for your child!! If anything, mama needs a little getaway!!  Thinking of you and hoping you get through to him.  Good luck!!
  • +1 for still being pregnant BF

    @jessicaerin0728 - I can't imagine dealing with all these pregnancy annoyances AND dealing with kidney stones. Hang in there!

    @kaessi - Oh! I'd be livid too!

    @sjo_thetwins - I'm sorry you are still pregnant! Sending you many positive labor vibes!

    My BF is a continuation of last week. My MIL called DH AGAIN to ask "if we thought anymore about the baptism". Um... No, we haven't thought anymore about it, because, as we told you the last 15 times, we have made our decision and it isn't up for discussion. You guisssse... I'm really getting nervous that she is going to bring up this stuff at the hospital when meeting baby. I told DH that I will lose it and kick her out. And if she tells us one more time that "it is the right thing to do." Ummmmm... NO! Lying to a priest and taking an oath before God that we have no intention of following is NOT the right thing to do. The right thing to do is for us to raise our kid as WE see fit and for her to stay TF out of our business and just be happy she is getting her first grandchild. I'm too pregnant to deal with this shizzz.
  • Thanks for letting me vent guys - I appreciate every one of you! It feels better just to get this stuff out and know that I have the support of you ladies.

    I don't even think he really even thought of us when he was making these plans, he is that wrapped up in himself right now. I'm too hurt and tired to even fight right now, but I did express that perhaps he should think of how hard it will be on us. The only person nearby is my MIL and I think I've shared plenty of stories about that situation on here. So no, just no...I will manage alone rather than deal with that. He said he hasn't actually booked it yet, and that he "really needs to go, but he's gotten by this long without going." We left it at that. I'm just hoping he comes to his senses and makes the right decision for his family.

    I think the hardest part for me is, that prior to pregnancy, he was not this way. He had his "moments" like a lot of men do, but I would have never in a million years have seen this coming. He has always treated me with so much respect and has gone out of his way to make sure I was taken care of and had everything I need. Since I was used to that, this makes it even worse. Blah.

  • So I haven't been on  here in a while, but I thought this would be a great place to put Monday bitch fest = kidney stones. 9 months pregnant is hard enough...try adding those things in the mix!!!!! I was in the hospital for 3 days last week on a dilaudid drip...still haven't passed them, trying to use percocet sparingly but let me just say this is not fun!!! 

    @jessicaerin0728 I had them my first pregnancy and was admitted 3 times! I feel your pain! It is not easy AT ALL! Hope they pass soon!

    I have had blood in my urine every visit this pregnancy but luckily no symptoms otherwise thank goodness!!

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  • @Jessicaerin0728 There was an article on Yahoo the other day that said riding roller coasters can loosen up kidney stones. I would suggest it now might loosen up the baby too :)
  • My Tuesday bitchfest is that my cervix is locked up tight. GRRRRR.... 

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  • @mrscorker same here. they're still inducing me tm. get this baby out. 
  • @MRSCORKER I feel like this is what they're gonna tell me tomorrow at my appointment, despite my hopes to be a couple cm. 
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  • Can I BF today even though it's Tuesday? I decided to try one of those meal plan websites where they send you all the ingredients for meals and you just cook them. The first box got delivered when DH was home two weeks ago. He said he got everything out that needed to go into the fridge. Except when I unloaded the box the next day, there was still an egg and some sauces that needed thrown out because he missed them. I pointed this out, that there was still some stuff in there that needed refrigerated that he missed, and to please be careful next time. A box comes on Friday again while DH is home. I come home from work a few hours later and he says he got everything in the fridge that needed it. I reminded him about last time and did he actually really check good. He claimed he did, we went on our merry way. Weekend was busy so today is the first day I was able to actually pull the rest of everything out of the box. Guess what. There were veggies and seasonings and MEAT left in the god damn box. I am furious. Maybe irrationally so, but the stupid effing box was $60, and now I can't even cook the recipes all the way because I had to throw like half the meat out. Ooh, I'm pissed, and DH won't leave me alone. He insists on sitting next to me just playing on his phone. I either want to talk to him, or for him to just go the eff away. Man, I'm grouchy today...
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  • @kaytee1087 - That sucks!!! DH used to leave the freezer door open all the time and ruin perfectly good food. It made me so mad!
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