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Fitness Check-In w/o 9/26/16

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1. How did you do with last week's goals?

2. What are your goals for next week?

3. Rants/raves/questions/concerns?

4. GTKY: It's almost October! Any plans for Halloween?

Optional: How is the plank challenge going?

Warning: This thread may contain discussions of weight gain. Since every body and pregnancy is different, you're encouraged to use general terms instead of actual numbers if you chose to discuss this topic. 

Re: Fitness Check-In w/o 9/26/16

  • Xstatic3333Xstatic3333
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    1. Poorly, but with qualifications. My training program is partly field-based, and several days last week had me walking 3-5 miles over rough terrain in very hot weather.  By the time I had an easier day, my hip flexors KILLED and I decided to rest instead of pushing myself. I feel ok now and should be back in business. Yesterday I did some super-light yoga. 

    2. Work out a little on days with no field work. Keep doing my best on diet. 

    3. None today!

    4. We get a ton of trick or treaters, so I take the responsibility to hand out good candy seriously! I also love carving some pumpkins. 

  • I forget to check into this thread, especially when I don't do well during the week with exercise ooops.

    1. How did you do with last week's goals? Eh not great. I didn't make it to the gym at all because of a weird training schedule. But I did hike 10 miles with the doggo this weekend! (5 each day)

    2. What are your goals for next week? It's going to be tough. I am out of training and now can pick up some OT. I usually come in 30 mins early so I can hit the gym for an hour at lunch. But now i'll be coming in early for OT. I guess I'm going to set my goal for a lot of stretching this week and some at home bodyweight stuff. And take it easy on the cardio.

    3. Rants/raves/questions/concerns? None I can think of!

    4. GTKY: It's almost October! Any plans for Halloween? Yesssss October is THE BEST. We don't get any trick or treaters :( and we aren't going to any parties this year either :(. So that's a bummer.... I don't know what we'll be doing.

  • kswiger06kswiger06
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    I haven't participated in a while because I felt so crummy for so long. I'm hoping to get back to something now.

    1. The only goal I currently have is to be active somehow. I haven't done well with specific goals, but realized when I'm feeling good, I just do something.

    2. My husband and I have been shooting at an outdoor 3D bow range a lot lately. It's so much fun, (we end up competing lol) but I get a 30 minute hike in per round. We usually play twice so I'm hiking for an hour, working my arms and shoulders, and sometimes beating my husband. I'd like to go at least twice this week, but won't set a real goal, it's dependant on the weather.

    3. None right now

    4. We just take the kids trick-or-treating. We live in a small town, and there are certain streets that are slow, but in other areas, it looks just like the movies. There are people everywhere. It's so much fun to see all the parents walking their kids around. 

    Edit for self accountability 

    Tuesday: went through 3D range once, but still did target practice afterwards. 

    Rain rain go away!!

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  • 1. I actually did pretty well! I got 1 mile walks in for three consecutive nights, but my weekend was derailed while we were dealing with our sick pup.

    2. My dog is still pretty sick so no walking him this week. I want to try a YouTube prenatal yoga video or two.

    3. None right now! 

    4. No big plans for Halloween. We never get many trick or treaters at our house. It will be more fun next year when we have someone to take to Halloween events :)
  • 1. I made it to yoga four times, and spin only once, so I missed two classes. Buuuuut I did figure out how to turn my MIL's treadmill into a walking desk so I managed to log 14 miles throughout the week, which normally would be zero from sitting on my butt at my laptop. My Whole30 took a holiday when I visited Austin, but I am back on track now.

    2. I'm out of spin classes on my punch card, and I am going on vacay to Big Bend National Park next week and then moving, so just yoga five times and trying to get 3 miles a day on my treadmill desk while working.

    3. Bummed I still can't feel any kicks yet, but I've got a good layer of fat on my tummy lol, so the baby probably will have to get bigger to punch through HA  :D

    4. I am in the middle of buying a house, so I am not sure what my new neighborhood is like and if there are trick or treaters. I am sure I will be busy painting, renovating the kitchen, and setting up the nursery, so it's not a big priority for me this year, which is a shocker since it's sort of my favorite holiday.

    Optional fun stuff:
    • Plank challenge was going well up until this point, but damn, 40 seconds for sure felt long today. I hope I can make it to the end!
    • I got a few questions about my pregnancy announcement photo on top of Mt. Whitney, so I wrote a blog post about it!
    • I am planning to write a blog post about alternative yoga poses for pregnancy, and will be doing a photo shoot this Saturday. I would love to get some feedback from all my pregnant yogi's on what poses they find difficult in class, and would like an alternative I can ask my maternity instructor for (example, chaturanga and cobra are ones I have to currently modify)
  • 1. I did great. Walked the dogs almost every day, and we did a 2 hour hike with the kids up in Maine on Saturday!

    2. At the very least continue to walk the dogs daily. I'd love to add in a trip to the gym or prenatal yoga though.

    3. I'm still ranting about morning sickness and the days it keeps me knocked to the couch.

    4. Just trick-or-treating with the kids! 

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  • 1. I made it to CrossFit two times.  Nutrition was on point for all but one day.  I'd call that a successful week!

    2. Make it to CrossFit at least two times.  Cook the majority of my meals at home.  Maybe try to take the calmer dog to the park...  The crazy one would probably cause me to fall at this point.

    3. A 4+ hour volunteer event last Thursday caused me a ton of back pain.  I finally started to walk without pain yesterday and am feeling almost 100% today.

    4. We have a baby-visit/baby-moon trip scheduled for October.  We'll get to see our new great-niece and spend some alone time together in a nice resort.

    Optional: How is the plank challenge going?  I was doing well until I messed up my back.  I'm hoping to catch up tonight...  Maybe I'll do one day at each time and see how far I can get by the end.
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  • 1. How did you do with last week's goals? Good. Got to spin twice and did cardio 2 other days. Fell behind with free weights, but there's always next week.

    2. What are your goals for next week? Free weights!

    3. Rants/raves/questions/concerns? Finally started feeling some real movement! Kept thinking it "should" be sooner, since it's baby #3, but I guess it just shows each pregnancy is different.

    4. GTKY: It's almost October! Any plans for Halloween? Trick or treating with the kids and scary movie with husband.

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  • 1. How did you do with last week's goals?
    I did pretty well. I've gotten myself up to at least 1 1/2 miles every day that I workout going at a pretty steady pace, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. 
    2. What are your goals for next week?
    I've got my alarm set for 4:50 every morning this week. I made it yesterday but I slept horribly last night so I skipped the gym. I want to make it in to the gym every weekday.
    3. Rants/raves/questions/concerns?

    4. GTKY: It's almost October! Any plans for Halloween?
    We will take the kids trick-or-treating in my parents neighborhood. My husband worked Halloween night last year so it will be nice to have him with us this year.
    Optional: How is the plank challenge going?
    Slowly I'm working my way up. Taking 3 months off for morning sickness really did a number on my core strength!
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  • Geemoneychristmas 50 seconds was body-shaking, expletive-inducing, rough!! Only two more days of the plank challenge, how far has everyone got?
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