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Im not new to the world of loss. We lost our daughter at 23 weeks into pregnancy 7 months ago. She had full trisomy 18 and was stillborn.

Now I've experienced a 2nd loss. I found out I was expecting again mid August. Last weekend I started spotting and coloured discharge. Went to ER had blood work said come back if it gets worse. I was back less than 24 hours later as I started hemorrhaging Monday night. Scariest thing ever. I ended up staying overnight as miscarriage was incomplete. Had a D&C Tuesday morning. I was 8 weeks pregnant.

If if you had a D&C how long did it take you to stop bleeding and recover?

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  • I am sorry for your losses. :( It took me three weeks to stop bleeding after my d&c. 
  • I'm sorry for your loss.   It took me 3.5 weeks to stop bleeding.  My cycle returned a week after that.  I do still have some bleeding after I work out but it's spotting and only right after then goes away til next workout. Hoping that stops soon.  It's been a little over a month since d & c.  
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  • Sorry this happened to you.
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