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Baby Belly Showing?

Hi all! Just curious from the April 2017 moms if you are showing yet or not? Also, have you gone up a size in clothes yet? I'm on baby #1, almost 11 weeks (next Monday), and just feel a bit bloated, but not showing yet. Still wearing same clothes..some jeans are snug, but not having to wear looser clothes yet.. thx!
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Re: Baby Belly Showing?

  • This is my first baby that's gotten this far (10+4) and while I'm not showing to anyone else, I find jeans and most other pants too tight and went out and bought myself some stretchy pants. Or I wear maxi skirts. I can tell that the bottom half of my stomach is pooching out more, even if I try to suck it in, so I guess I'm "showing" but not noticeably to anyone but myself. Definitely not wearing a size up or anything. 
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  • I don't feel like I'm "showing" but I can tell my body is different.. weather that's because of the baby or gas I don't know.. haha. I've only been wearing my stretchy pants, and I have to do the rubber band trick on my jeans. I've only gained 2 lbs.. so I feel like it's all in my belly.
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  • 12 weeks and I'm not showing per se, but I definitely feel that my belly is expanding. Most pants need the rubber band trick at this point (especially jeans as I tend to wear those tighter than dress pants), and I'm wearing maternity jeans at work today (they feel awesome!)
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  • I feel bloated at times but no actual bump yet.  My clothes all still fit OK
    My boobs have grown already though

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  • Today I'm 12+1 with twins and while it's not noticeable to others, I can tell.  I'm also wearing a hairband on my jeans to keep them on and I got a cheapy belly band to cover it.  I did take a photo at 10wk and another at 12wk and my gut has definitely moved up and out a bit.  I'm excited to see how fast this starts to progress.
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  • Let's do it! HDBD! I don't think I'm showing yet. I'm slightly overweight (according to BMI) and I feel like its all in my gut anyways, so the baby has extra padding before he/she starts poking out (plus I will only be 9 weeks tmrw)! But I can't wait to see everyone elses pics.
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  • 12 weeks with my second. I'm definitely showing. Not sure how much of that is baby, but I certainly look pregnant, and I'm rocking the maternity clothes. Excited to get HDBD going!
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  • I look pregnant to me, but the bloat is so high that it really just looks like bloat.  It will be weird when it shifts lower when I actually start showing.  
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  • I'm actually down about 5 pounds, but I can tell that my pants are fitting tighter. Not showing yet, unless you count the after dinner bloat. ;)
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  • I'm with @clickclackmoo. I think I look pregnant, and the teachers at daycare finally asked the other day. I have no shame wearing my maternity clothes. Bring on the HDBD!!
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  • I  can notice a difference in my belly, but to others they wouldn't notice anything. A few of my friends have noticed my boobs are bigger. Pants still fit but are getting tighter. FTM so I don't expect to show for a little while longer. 

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  • 10 weeks with my third and down 4lbs. I'm wearing maternity shorts  just to get some last bit of use out of them and they're comfy! I'm in a wedding in two weeks so as long as I don't "pop" before then, I'll be happy! I neeeeed that dress to zip!
  • 12 weeks with #3 and people are starting to side eye and talk about me behind my back... so I guess that means it's getting obvious :wink:
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  • I'm up a size in pants, and I only wear stretchy leggings. Super bloated, but I look six months pregnant. I swear I never looked pregnant with DD, and this baby right out the gate has me looking and feeling like I'm entering the third trimester, not the second. Ugh.
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  • 11wks 5days with #3 and people are definitely starting to give me that look like, are you pregnant or did you eat too many donuts??

    I was super bloated in the beginning, and it's since gone away. This is definitely baby starting to show. Dr confirmed that I am actually feeling my uterus above my pelvic bone.
  • @herewegrow I have a wedding in two weeks as well and I'm soooo nervous about the dress fitting.. I'll be 14 weeks and the dress fit perfect when I got it.. a week before my BFP!
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  • At 9 weeks most everything still fits except for my beloved skinny jeans which I'll have to wait until next fall. In the morning everything is fine but I get bloated by dinner time. Nothing obvious showing yet and I already had a small pooch to begin with after DS.
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  • 13 weeks - my skirts are tight and I can't see my waist anymore. To me it it just looks like I'm out of shape : )
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  • 10 w tomorrow with my second.  I don't think I have a bump yet, but I did wear maternity jeans for the first time today.  My regular pants are starting to get uncomfortable by the end of the day.
  • 11 weeks tomorrow with my second and I definitely already have a baby bump!  I had to break out the maternity pants last week, so much more comfortable now! :)
    EDD 4/15/17
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  • 11 w 3 days with #2. can still wear my old jeans, but not for much longer. My uterus is just palpable above the pubic symphysis and so everything else is now up and out, making me look a little flabby. can't wait for another month or so, when it will be more clearly a cute little baby bump
  • 10 weeks. Not really showing, but feel like my belly is a bit bigger. Not quite as much bloat as a few weeks ago through. I am still wearing pre pregnancy pants, but will probably dig the maternity pants out of the attic this weekend to wash them so they are ready. I am guessing I have another two to four weeks until my regular pants will be retired based on my last pregnancy.
  • 12-14 weeks (still haven't had dating u/s) with baby #4 and I'm not *technically* showing, but if I didn't have a nice layer of fat I would be!  I can't suck my belly in anymore, so I guess that's showing now... :/
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  • Nothing but maternity pants here.  I'm only 9 weeks but I looked back at photos from DD and I am about the same size "bump" as when I was around 16 weeks (!). I can still hide it with a loose shirt but when I put on a fitted tee, no way. 

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  • Almost 13 weeks. FTM and I don't think I'm showing at all. I also haven't been very bloated and pretty much maintained my weight in first tri. I wonder when I'll start showing. 
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  • Maternity or drawstring pants, mostly for comfort. I feel like I'm am showing more, but I know it's not the baby yet. I try not to wear tight shirts because I think students would ask. 

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  • 13 weeks. Not showing. :( Maybe looking a little extra pudgy but not looking pregnant. 
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  • cafedisco said:
    Nothing but maternity pants here.  I'm only 9 weeks but I looked back at photos from DD and I am about the same size "bump" as when I was around 16 weeks (!). I can still hide it with a loose shirt but when I put on a fitted tee, no way. 

    This is me too. I knew it was coming because my stomach muscles keep getting really sore at night from the stretching I guess. I wasn't expecting it at 9 weeks, but I showed early with my first too. My torso is just so short there's nowhere for anything to go when it's pushed up. 
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  • hollyh98hollyh98 member
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    I'm 12 weeks with baby #2 and busted out the maternity stuff this week! I am twice as big at night.
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  • 9.5 weeks and not showing a baby bump. Definitely showing about 8lbs of tacos and beer from the summer we had. My last pregnancy I never had the cute round bump until halfway into my thirdT. I even kept measuring behind in the belly and the midwives just kept telling me she was shoved in there. Oh, I could feel her in my lungs!

    I'm wondering if baby 2 can slide out into my abdomen easier since my daughter stretched me out. Maybe I will look cute this time and not like I had too many tacos. 
  • I've definitely got a belly going on but I think part of it is I'm barrel chested, so all my weight automatically gets pushed to the front. 
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  • Second pregnancy here and I've definitely been bloated/uncomfortable since like 5 weeks this time. You can definitely tell I'm showing if I wear tight fitting clothing.  Some regular clothes still fit, but I've also pulled out several maternity items. I'm excited to start HDBD!
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  • @hollyh98 I'm definitely bigger at night! Even if pants were comfortable that morning, they're unzipped or totally off by dinner time!
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  • Pretty sure my "bump" now is just bloat and my mom pooch left over from DD, though it is sitting a bit higher just now (12w tomorrow) than it was. 

    For the FTMs wondering when you'll show - be prepared for it to take some time. I was, no exaggeration, 6 months along with DD before I was recognizably pregnant to the average joe on the street. I told my students when I was 5 months, and they asked if I was sure I was 5 months and not 5 weeks lol.
    Me: 31 DH: 34
    DD1 born 3.2014
    DD2 born 4.2017
  • FTM, almost 13 weeks and not showing yet, and all my clothes still pretty much fit the same. I think height has a lot to do with it, based on people I know. My friend is 5'11" and at 28 weeks she still doesn't really look pregnant, just like she has a bit of a belly. I am 5'6", so not quite as tall as her, but on the taller side so probably won't truly show for a while, sadly. I am jealous of you smaller women who look pregnant right away, even though I am sure the grass is always greener :)
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  • @kitkat8387 I am 5'5" and I'd say it was 20ish weeks before I really started to show with my first. You will get there!
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