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Husband Weekend Trip at 37-38 weeks Pregnant?

My husband wants to go on a dirt bike trip with his brothers when I will be 37 to 38 weeks pregnant. He will be about 2 hours away camping for one night. I told him it is too close to my due date. This will be our first baby. Should he cancel his trip and do something else with them instead that is in town? I don't feel good about him leaving.

Re: Husband Weekend Trip at 37-38 weeks Pregnant?

  • ^^ I agree with ALL of this. This being your first child, you will probably go overdue (I went a week overdue before being induced). And two hours away is not far at all. It also took me two hours of pushing, after 16 hours of labor. Some folks in rural areas even live an hour or more from a hospital. 

    You should let him go. Enjoy your quiet night in without anybody else around, watch whatever you want on TV, stay up late or go to bed early, whatever you want to do. Have a leisurely time. This will probably be the last chance you're going to get to just sit and do nothing, and be alone with your own thoughts. Enjoy it 
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  • Team let him go.

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  • I would let him go. 2 hours isn't that far away. Like PP said, it took me 2 hours just to do the pushing part. The only thing that may sway my decision is if he would have reliable cell phone service.

  • My husband went on international trips up until 38 weeks in both of my previous pregnancies. I don't see the big deal with him being 2 hrs away for one night.
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  • As long as he's in cell service. I went into labor at 37 weeks with my first. It wouldn't be wise to go without access to a phone. I personally would be a little irritated, if my guy even asked at 37 weeks but I'm hormonal at 38 weeks, uncomfortable and ready to be done. Lol my guy knows better. I've become the queen of crabby this week, so take what I say not so serious lol it's probably good he gets away and my poor guy gets stuck with me. How mean am I? Lol 
  • I'll be 3.5 hours away from my guy for most of my last few weeks, because that's how far we live from the hospital.  

    Oh how I wish I only had to sacrifice one night :-(
  • DH would not have went. We are extremely rural, so he wouldn't have had cell service if he was camping. But the more people commented, I came to realize that is probably not the norm for most people. Also, we were very worried about me going early. Maybe most first time moms do go after EDD, but I was the firstborn and 10 weeks early. DB was 4 weeks early and sister was one day early (with them my mother had to take a medication to try and prevent early labour). My mom also had incredibly incredibly short labours. The hospital is in the town 10 min away. With my sister, they told her to stay in town bc she'd never make it to the hospital in time. So we were concerned about me.

    All that being said. DH worked OOT in even more remote fly in communities Monday to Friday - which I was not very comfortable with as my pregnancy got further along. I was hospitalized Thursday bc my blood pressure spiked - three hours after it was normal-ish at my appointment at 39 weeks. Friday afternoon the decision was made to induce me. DH's company's priority that day was me and made sure he was flown home in time, even before it was known that I was for sure getting induced. He got to the hospital about an hour after I was given the gel. I wasn't completely like my mom. I was in labour for less than five hours and pushed for 11 minutes. It can go fast - even for first time moms. 

    I think (not that my opinion matters) that even if the chances are really low that you won't go into labour while he's gone, if you are scared or worried to be alone, talk to him and explain why. I didn't want DH gone all the time, not necessarily because I didn't want him to miss it (I def didn't want that), but because I was just really scared of the unknown. Now, I also don't think a DH needs permission (not saying that's what you were talking about - just in general) to do things. He's (general) an adult and can make decisions.  However, it's important to let him (general) know how and why you (general) feel a certain way before he makes the decision. 

  • He is 8 hours away at work, right?
  • Why doesn't he just go two weeks earlier? It's up to him but you will be full term and if you don't have a way to get it touch with him he could miss the birth. I know my husband wouldn't risk it!  
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  • I would ask him not to go.  That is too close to the due date.  It is not uncommon even for first time moms to go into labor at 38 weeks.
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  • I wouldn't want my DH to go. Yes, you could go into labor (maybe, maybe not), but also you only have a few weeks left before your family dynamic changes forever. I'm planning to spend those last few weeks enjoying it being just the two of us - let's go to the movies, get ice cream, simple stuff that will change as we get a handle on this parenthood thing. His friends will be there next year or whatever. If you don't feel good about it, he shouldn't go. There will be other camping trips, in my opinion.
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    I wouldn't feel comfortable with it.  I had a completely normal pregnancy (my first) and my water suddenly broke at 36+2, I had my son 4 hrs later.   Yes, many women go up to or past their due date for their first time, but not all women.  
    ETA: if it was a work trip or something he had to go to then there's obviously nothing that can be done.   But since it's for a dirt biking trip, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask him to stay

  • My first thought was "no way" but when you said it's just one night and he's only two hours away then I think you should let him go. Just have someone else on standby who can drive you to the hospital if you do go into labor and make sure he has his phone on at all times so that he can rush to the hospital if necessary. My water broke at midnight when I was 38 weeks so it could happen when he's away but he'll make it to the hospital it will likely take hours before real pushing begins. 
  • 1 night 2 hrs away is not a big deal however if it's anything like my husbands boys trips they will not be sober. So even if he is 2 hrs away he may not be able to drive. Then what? My first was born 2 weeks early and yes I had a very long labor but cannot imagine to have been alone for the first few hours not knowing is this it? Is it not? You'd be scared and not sure if it's go time and what if it's 3 am and the boys r all passed out. Would he even hear his phone? I'd be worried and not comfortable. Unless you have close support and someone can come stay over for a night I'd say no. 
  • Let him go. My DH went on a "Dad-chelor Party" weekend with his guy friends about 4 hours away when I was 38 weeks, and it was fine. Things are changing for him too and he's not going to be able to go for many "guys weekends" for a while, so let him have one last hurrah. 2 hours is plenty close enough to get home to you if you happen to go into labor early.
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