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New mom, having trouble breastfeeding

Hello there, I'm in desperate need of advice. I just had my baby last week on Tuesday so my baby is 9 days old. She was born at 36 weeks and when she was born NICU took her right away to check her since she wasn't a full term baby yet. Therefore, we didn't get skin to skin contact right away and when I finally got her my body was so exhausted and I was on high medication that I didn't last long breastfeeding her since I kept dozing off. I ask my boyfriend to hold her. Then doctor's took her and came back saying that she needed to have some formula meals due to her low blood sugar count. Ever since then she seems to be more dependent on the formula feedings than my breast feedings. I haven't got her to latch correctly. She gets impatient and fussy really quickly. I'm very scared that my breast milk supply will dry out since I haven't produced very much. I pump but it doesn't seem to help. I have been really sad and frustrated that I can't breastfeed her. I cry every once in a while when I feel too overwhelmed and guilty. Someone please give me helpful tips. On open to anything at this point!

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  • You should talk to a lactation consultant. There could be several things going on. How preemie is she? May be too little to latch well yet, some preemie moms pump exclusively. She could be tongue-tied or lip-tied which affects her latch but is an easy fix.

    Are you pumping every 2 hours? I had to at first until my milk came in. Make sure suction is high on pump. You may need a hospital grade pump to get enough suction. Also are you keeping the pump in the production mode (quick pulses at the beginning).

    I've also heard that having the baby's clothes  (for smell) or a video of the sound of them crying while you pump can get your body to produce more.

    Good luck Mama!
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    Definitely keep pumping to keep your supply going. You can rent a hospital grade pump that will extract more in less time. I was able to get one for $75/month and insurance will reimburse. Also, call a lactation consultant pronto! While they cannot diagnose a tongue or lip tie, they are the best at finding problems with latch and breastfeeding issues and can refer you to someone that can help if necessary. 

    Our LO is 7 days old (born 37+5) and I had a horrible time trying to breastfeed. I asked all my nurses, my lactation nurse at the hospital, and the pediatrician about a tongue tie. They all said she was fine. Well, she wasn't fine. She lost 12% of her bodyweight by day 3 and breastfeeding was a painful and laborious process. We hired a highly recommended lactation consultant who came out to our house, brought a hospital grade pump, came up with a plan to get us off formula (pediatrician's plan was formula supplementation), helped us with latch and holds, and referred us to an oral surgeon because she suspected a tongue tie. This was the morning of day 4.  By the end of day 4, the tongue tie had been corrected and we were happily breastfeeding and no longer using formula. LO is now almost at birth weight. 

    All this to say that you can get help and this can be fixed. You can figure out breastfeeding and get off formula if that is your goal. You can feed your LO successfully and get her back up to weight. This is not your fault and has nothing to do with your mom powers. You just need some help. Find a lactation consultant immediately, they can help get you going on the right track. 

    Good luck, mama!


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  • Thank you so much I will definitely be contacting a lactation consultant asap. 
  • In addition to all the other advice, try doing lots of skin to skin contact, wearing the baby in a wrap, etc.  I have heard it helps milk production, but also it will help you and baby feel cozy and hopefully relieve some stress on you! 
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    In addition to all the other advice, try doing lots of skin to skin contact, wearing the baby in a wrap, etc.  I have heard it helps milk production, but also it will help you and baby feel cozy and hopefully relieve some stress on you! 
    This. I had a dip in my supply a couple months ago and just spent every waking moment with her naked on my bare chest. I let her use me as a pacifier for hours until she went to bed. That alone seemed to boost it right back up
  • Have you had much guidance in how to help baby latch? Although they showed me at the hospital, I had to have more help. The LC can help with that and so much more. Until then, be sure to hold your breast, and kinda smoosh it flat, to help her little mouth latch. Also, make sure she opens really wide. Check out for more guidance there.

    You can do it! If you're supply is in need you can always use Mothers Milk Tea (found at any grocery store) and Fenugreek. The best thing is to get baby on the nipple as often as possible. Even if she doesn't get anything out, every time you stimulate the nipple you will start producing milk.
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