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Convertible car seat recommendations?

Hi everyone!

Im pregnant with my 4th baby, due the end of February. I've been through this enough times to know what's necessary, and what I believe are frills. I'm looking to put my newborn into a convertible car seat. I don't want an infant carrier. I will use my Moby wrap when taking her out of her car seat and into stores, on errands, etc. I'm looking to keep things simple. Please if you have any recommendations on a safe, reliable convertible car seat, list them here. 

Re: Convertible car seat recommendations?

  • I love my Diono Radian RXT! I didn't put my son in it until he was about 8 months though since I was using an infant carrier. The seat does come with infant inserts though for a smaller child. The seat itself is very heavy and sturdy.  It is not meant for constantly switching vehicles. It is slim and the sides are low which is my favorite part. The straps are very padded and my son seems very comfortable in the seat. I kept bumping my sons head on the top of the car while lifting him into his other seat but not with this Diono. It is a pricy seat but I got a good deal on amazon prime day. I will definitely be purchasing another for baby #2.

  • I'll second the Diono Radian RXT.  This seat is a tank.  I feel that it is a great seat, though we do have a different seat to travel with.
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