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    @wishuponastar1 I totally get you! Now that DS is a toddler I try and reserve my bragging to just family and his daycare person (who has become a close friend). I try and compliment my friends kids whenever I can- like today at soccer one of the kids did great- I made sure to high five the kid and say something to the mom. It's always great to hear someone compliment your kid!

    i think it just gets annoying when another mom puts down your kid to bring theirs up. Luckily, I haven't experienced that yet but my sister has. 
  • Oh god yea, putting down someone else's kid to try to make theirs sound better just makes that mom an asshole! I've heard horror stories about how moms take out their Mean Girls attitudes on others' kids and I really feel bad for whoever in my future might try that! Muahaha
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