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Blood work to rule out blighted ovum

Hey all, I am currently 4w 6d pregnant, and suffered a blighted ovum a few years ago. I don't have an appointment for an us until October 10, and am considering having some blood work done to check hcg levels to help ease my mind of another blighted ovum happening. Has anyone else been through this and opted to have blood drawn to make sure a blighted ovum isn't happening? I honestly don't even know if it would mean much since I believe sometimes hcg levels continue to rise even with a blighted ovum. Any advice would be great! 

Re: Blood work to rule out blighted ovum

  • I'm sorry for your loss but congrats on this new pregnancy. My first loss was also a blighted ovum. Seeing your hormones rise will be of comfort but unfortunately the only way to know for sure is to get an ultrasound. The wait for that first ultrasound is awful - hang in there! 
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  • I'm sorry for your loss. No personal experience but I don't think HCG levels will tell you much. They can continue to rise because your body still thinks you're pregnant. Wishing you the best this time! 


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  • Welcome and sorry for your loss. My previous pregnancy was ectopic so now this pregnancy OB has tracked my betas for 3 draws and I requested a 4th and he checked progesterone level. I'm glad we're doing it since I'm at risk for another ectopic and I want to make sure numbers good but at the same time I think it has caused me more anxiety too if that makes any sense. I'm 4w+3 and I'm anxiously waiting for my Oct 6 ultrasound too so we can wait "together".   Rooting for you and your little nugget! 
  • jmo, but I would wait unless you have some worrying syptoms. hcg rises until it doesnt. 

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  • Thanks everyone! I talked to the nurse ar my OB office and she said we could do blood work if it will ease my mind a little. She said while it isn't an exact science, if the levels go up but don't double, it could be questionable. My scan was also moved a week up so at least I won't have to wait that much longer for the scan! 
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