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  • @colleenkevin  @nolemama24
    I really enjoyed This is Us, it wasn't what I expected but I think I liked it even more than I expected to. 

    I love Law and Order SVU and Chicago PD, I pretty much like anything serious/crimey. 
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  • Alright, so I hadn't heard of This Is Us. Just watched the trailer and I feel like I'm going to cry already. Is this really a show for pregnant women??? LOL!

    I'm GOING to see if there's somewhere I can watch it online tonight. lol

    So anyways, I am SUPER looking forward to the new Gilmore Girls episodes in November!

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  • So anyways, I am SUPER looking forward to the new Gilmore Girls episodes in November!

    Meeeee toooooo!
  • Walking Dead (which I watch with my MIL EVERY WEEK) for sure! And AHS though I watch it after the season is complete (I don't have regular TV anymore, just Netflix).  Otherwise I'm all about football!!! Apparently I'm weird cuz my favorite season of AHS was Asylum, but my fave horror movies have always been about crazies :)
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  • @HJMorgan I watched it on nbc.com today.
  • @kashock ;
    Thanks! I just finished watching it. The tears so many tears. That was a super cute episode! 
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  • @mrshuse525 I have watched Grey's Anatomy through twice and I would totally watch it through again (Maybe I will this fall/winter)! I so love it. It makes me cry all the time!

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  • I just watched This is Us last night.  Definitely did not see that twist coming!  I loved it.  I will be keeping up with it for sure.
    Otherwise, I watch The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and am working my way through Supernatural and Doctor Who.  I used to keep up with a lot more shows but having a toddler definitely limits TV time (I do watch plenty of PAW Patrol and Bubble Guppies, for what it's worth).

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