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    @cassieleeanne happy birthday! 
  • Ugh. Done. Just like everyone else.

    So swollen. Carpal tunnel. I dread bedtime because I know I won't sleep.

    Also sick of being asked how I feel because I'm sick of listening to myself complain. So here I am complaining!

    The birth announcements make me happy and hopeful, though, so there's that. :)
  • Labor buddy, why didn't you tell me it was your birthday. Actually, i think you did tell me when it was several weks ago. Anyways,  happy birthday. Hang in there. We're almost there. 
  • @NoraAurora That is genius!

    I have the same issue. My bump has been growing more upwards than outwards. (For those thinking that might be nice, let me just say I can't compare but my ribcage has expanded a solid TEN cm and baby's feet are inside of my ribs wreaking havoc on my lungs and stomach.) A lot of people have commented on how small the bump is, but unfortunately no strangers. Bummer, cuz I'd LOVE to try one of your comebacks! 
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  • Happy (slightly belated) birthday @cassieleeanne !! Hope you're feeling better and were able to eat something!!

  • First baby was born at 36 weeks and I'm now 37+2 and starting to get super anxious. Things definitely get different after 37 weeks. Every ache and pain is stronger and I feel like I pulled a muscle in my upper back that is really uncomfortable. It's only 1pm and ready for toddlers bedtime already
    Things are TOTALLY different after 37 weeks! It's like a switch flips. It was the same for me with DS.

    I promise this is not a humble brag (because people who say this stuff to me aren't necessarily saying it in a flattering way) but I am having the opposite of "you look ready to pop." As in "there's no way you're due so soon! You're too small!" etc. So now I have taken to telling people a rotation of the following:

    a) "Well actually I'm having a little person. You know, like the guy who plays Tyrion."
    b) "I shouldn't be telling you this but I started smoking more in order to keep the baby small."
    c) "I started dieting about halfway through the pregnancy because I'm really afraid of labor. I'm down to 800 calories a day!"

    If you can think of more feel free to let me know. 
    @NoraAurora I've had the same problem and I'm totally gonna steal a few of your lines - genius!
    I think people mean well...but it's kind of disconcerting.

    Another one to consider, "I read that whiskey was good for the baby's digestive system so I've been drinking a couple of shots a night. Who knew it also causes low birth weight?!"

  • @NoraAurora @Kaessi Just look at them with a really blank expression and say "I'm not pregnant..."  :|
    My husband is so disappointed that I haven't done that yet!

  • @Kaessi Do it, do it, do it!
  • @Kaessi have to admit saying "I'm not pregnant, just fat" does have an enjoyment to it.  I always held my plus size weight in the tummy so I got the question a lot prior to pregnancy and that's what I started telling people.
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  • BF to my husband who is home all day and then will call or text me right before I leave work about what we should have for dinner. 
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