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Hello & Help? **DD mentioned**

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Edited to add: I'm SO SORRY if anyone was hurt by my avatar. It was changed (along with my username) on the website and for whatever reason, the app changed everything. I'm fighting with it to change back!

I'm not quite sure if I belong here yet. My DH and I aren't officially trying because I'm not sure if I'm ready for the mind fuck that is TTCAL. I hope you all don't mind me hanging out any way.

We've been together for 11 years, married for 6. We tried for 5 years and had four early losses. We both had every test under the sun done and nothing every explained what could have caused the losses or why we weren't getting pregnant. (We're had three losses in our first year trying then nothing for two years.) We finally had our DD. She's 15 months now and DH is ready for more. My obgyn knows that we're not actively trying but that if it happens, it happens.

I know I'm not pregnant this cycle. Let me make sure that is clear. I'm not pregnant and I'm not here to ask you to use special ute goggles or or magic 8 balls. Because I'm not pregnant. When would you stop being annoyed that aunt Flo still hasn't showed up, start getting concerned and call your doctor? 45 days? 60? Because I really don't remember what I would have done before and my Google searches turn up plenty of "zomg!! Negative test but I'm still pregnant right?! My boobs hurts!!1!1"

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Re: Hello & Help? **DD mentioned**

  • Welcome. Most doctors say 60 days is when they would give medication to induce a period. I would probably alert by Doctor around 45 though to see if they want any labs or were willing to get things going earlier. That's usually the minimal time I have seen around TB
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    RE appt: 6.27.2016- saline sono all clear
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  • Thank you @DungeonTrollMel! I'm a couple days away from day 45 so I'll give her a call tomorrow.

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  • You've already gotten good advice @mylovelittlelove, but I wanted to say welcome. I'm sorry for your losses. We're a great, supportive bunch, so feel free to jump into other threads. 
  • @mylovelittlelove so sorry for your losses. Welcome to our little community. I had a 50 day cycle three cycles ago and my OB had offered Provera once I got to 45 days, I chose not to take it and got AF naturally but I think 45 is pretty standard. 
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    IUI #1 2/25/16

  • Hello @mylovelittlelove ;
    Welcome. I am sorry for your losses.

    this board is a good place to be. I hope your AF comes soon!

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  • Im so sorry @mylovelittlelove - I hope you take the time you need to heal and welcome to our little board.
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