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Can't cook, can't clean, can't do my hair, HELP!

Hey mama's! First time posting on here! My 4 month old bundle of sweetness gets bored so easily and basically wants me to walk around the house with him or dance stupidly in front of him. I have tried the peek a boo technique, a bouncer, activity set, etc but for the most part he is just wanting to be entertained 24/7 by me. He really is a good baby overall but I can't get ANYTHING done.

My hubby leaves at 8 Am for his construction job and gets home between 6:30 and 7. By the time he gets home, unwinds, showers for half an hour (lol little exaggeration), I finally give baby to him......just for it to be time to have milk from the booby! So basically I'm literally attached to baby boy all day long..not to mention I haven't even made dinner yet. How in the world do yall get things done??? If I shower and brush my teeth in a day, I feel like I've won a million bucks seriously.

For my black sisters out there, I am natural and it takes me a long time to do twist outs and other protective styles but with little man screaming his head off when I'm trying to do my hair, I just say forget it and let it dry and stand straight up like Kid from Kid n Play in the 90s....on me, that's not a pretty thing! 

Anybody out there like me? Anybody got any tips besides "don't worry household chores can wait and just get fastfood"? I like to cook real food which means defrosting meat and making sure my house isn't a dust kingdom. I also dont want to look like a straight up monster. Help!

Thanks mamas! 

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Re: Can't cook, can't clean, can't do my hair, HELP!

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    have you tried wearing your baby? it helps me get a lot of stuff done during the day. 

     I shower, shave, do my hair, etc while LO is napping. 

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    I do have a Boba wrap and put him in it at times. I just hate having him in the kitchen while dealing with food and can't entirely bend over with him while doing laundry etc. I do like wearing him when walking around though! Little one takes cat naps so I'm able to do some grooming lol Just not as long as I used to
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    Try putting him in front of the TV with a show on loud enough to distract him and quickly try to get your hair in order. The cooking thing is tough because he isn't napping long enough. I would suggest you pump and get the baby used to the bottle so you can get alone time. Your husband can bond with the baby and you can relax or cook dinner. 
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    Yup. Get a baby wrap of some sort. I plan on wearing my baby right from the start, so I can be hands free for most of my daily responsibilities. You could also try bringing him into the kitchen, bathroom, etc with you, like sitting in his car seat or activity center. I hope it gets a bit easier for you Mama! :wink:
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    Baby wearing while cooking can be dangerous, so just be careful or try to back wear. I would also try to encourage independent play. Set them down in a play yard with some toys or an activity center. At 4 months some high chairs are also a good option. But feeling like you're in constant contact is common and tough to avoid when you're home all day. I find that independent play gives me a little break from it. My baby also likes to play with wooden spoons and bowls in the kitchen while I'm working on dinner.
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    I put mine in a swing, bouncer, or playpen where the baby can see me.  It will take several days for the baby to get used to it but eventually he won't cry anymore 

    I have 3 babies.  I got pregnant with twins when I had a 3 month old already.  My twins are preemies so I had 3 babies in 2015!

    i hate fast food too.  Remember that if he's been fed and has a clean diaper then he is crying to be held.   Then he will always want to be held and that's just not possible for you.  

    take care mama
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    Pumping sucks

    i would rather have the baby stay on the boob bc it's easier for traveling and u don't have to spend time washing bottles

    pumping is for working moms or when u don't produce enough milk

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    I take the baby in the bathroom and put her in her chair. She’s fine while I shower. What about taking a bath with your baby? If all else fails. It’s not ideal but at least you will be able to get washed. My daughter can be very clingy too. Motherhood is not easy sometimes but is also very rewarding. The baby stage goes by so fast.

    You could also try to prep meals on your husbands day off? Also, the crockpot could help too because you just throw ingredients in and let it do the work. My daughter is 5 months and we just set up her high chair. I’ve been sitting her in there while I’m in the kitchen. It’s been working well and I give her toys to play with. 
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    I stay home with my daughter, and she also likes attention. 

    I shower either before she wakes up or during her first nap (she usually takes two). I do my hair and makeup either during that same time or later during a different nap or even while she's awake. If she's awake and isn't content on the floor, I'll set her on the counter where she can sit and play with a toy. If your baby doesn't sit yet, put him in a bumbo or whatever seat you have and put him up on the bathroom counter. 

    Also, I think at some point you're going to have to train him that you can't just drop everything and get him or play with him all the time. There's a lot to be said for fostering independence at a young age. Sometimes, my daughter is just laying on the floor (or, now that she's older, crawling around and grabbing my legs) and she's fussing while I finish something I have to get done. And I just let her fuss for a little bit while I finish. It doesn't hurt her, and I think it is teaching her that I can't always be at her beck and call. I will tell her "Mom needs to finish x. You need to be patient." And that is something she will learn. 
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    It is indeed difficult to balance doing household chores and taking care of a newborn. For me, I let other to help. I use a breastfeeding-friendly baby carrier for hands-free or semi-hands- free nursing on the move.

    If you really love to cook then I suggest you make a big quantity of meals and freeze some of them for later use. If you are wondering what kind of meals can be frozen you can Google it, rather than cooking every single day.
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    Girl get a swing! Those save my life. My son wants to be held constantly & the swing occupies him for a good few intervals throughout the day. Also we have a play mat that he lays on and can reach out and grab or swing the hanging toys & he loves it. Also, sad to say, but tv?? My son watches tv lol idk if he'd like that but it's worth a shot to get some cleaning or cooking or personal stuff done :) 

    random but my neice is about 6 months and she finds the toys that aren't really toys to be the best, she has a chewy teething toothbrush that she loves and a pack of wipes will entertain her for 30 mins easily. Closed of course lol. I think it's the noise. You could also try a baby carrier! My son doesn't like it much but he'll be with you as long as he's in it :) good luck!!! Mommas are super women we do it alllllll
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    Oh but microwaveable stuff & sandwichs are my go to, easy and quick :)
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