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I just recently heard about a maternal fetal specialist and I was wondering if anyone else has heard of or gone to one? Some clinics that have these specialist say that pregnancy loss is only recurrent after three losses and I have had two losses but I do have a thyroid condition that I think might make me eligible to see one. 

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  • Talk to your ob. They'll help you determine if it's right for you to see a high risk Doctor. 
  • I would talk to you Doctor. Mine decided to refer me to a specialist after my second loss. 
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  • @Hopefulmommy1980 what did the specialist do for you since you had two losses? Did you find it helpful?
  • I see the specialist on the 20th so I am not sure what they will do yet. I had a miscarriage and d&c at 8 week in March and etopic pregnany in June.  With the etopic I had to take methotrexate so I have been benched for the last three months. My doctor did a lot of blood tests after my second loss (they took 11 vials of blood) some came back elevated but not too much. They tested for lupus and clotting disorder. My mom has lupus. So I am hoping he will give me some answers or suggestions on how to stay pregnant.  Having the appointment makes me feel more hopeful. I was very thankful when my doctor was practive and order all blood work after my second loss. I hope that helps. And I can give you some post again after my appointment of that would be helpful. 
  • As previous posters have said, you should talk to your doctor to get a referral. I saw a MFM after my 3rd loss. I was tested for clotting issues, lupus, Endocrine issues, genetic issues, they drew 22 vials of blood and all my results came back normal, which meant I would never know the reason for my losses but I guess it helped reassure it will eventually happen for me. 
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  • Saw the specialist today. More tests and then a follow up in a month. He seemed very hopeful and reassuring. Made me feel more hopeful
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