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TX Travel risk?

Hi, all,

I'm 7 weeks pregnant, & in about 2.5 weeks my dear friend is getting married in Austin TX. I've been following the news, & it's a place that's receiving a lot of attention for being a likely Zika zone for local transmission. As of now we have refundable plane tix, but this decision is hanging over my head.

My doctor understands my concerns (& basically was like "Just don't go outside", but it's an outdoor wedding, of course) but she hasn't offered a strong recommendation either way. 

Am am I just being paranoid?
I'd love to hear from you all, but would be especially interested in input from TX mamas!

Re: TX Travel risk?

  • I don't think so and if your dr wanted you to stay indoors and the wedding is outdoors it may be time to reconsider the wedding as hard as it is. 

    But not being from Texas I can't offer the best picture of what it's really like there. Best of luck in your decision. 
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  • You're being paranoid.  Zika cases have not been transmitted locally in Austin.  Go, enjoy the wedding, and wear bug repellant.
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    Another example of misinformation. Please check a credible site for Zika information as there are a ton of false info sites. 
  • I wouldn't go.  I know the wedding is important to you but your friend will understand.  We don't know enough about that virus yet, I would not risk it. But whatever you decide to do, best of luck and if you go, I will be praying that it was needless worry!!!! 
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  • the news also said the northeast would be a zone for Zika this summer. it's mid September and nothing happened...
  • I live in TX and there are no cases from local transmission. Bring some bug spray, and you'll be just fine. It's gorgeous down here this time of year, so try not to miss out!
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  • Odd...I live in Austin and there are no known cases of Zika here. My doc even told me today at our first ultrasound there is no risk or worry in the area...
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