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  • I'm mobile bumping as well. 

    EDD - May 13
    Team - undecided 
    baby #2
    really want a girl

  • @CANTW82BMOM Hi! Were you in the July 15 boards??  ;)

    DS 7/24/15

    LO due 5/9/17

  • My EDD is 5/22 
    Baby #2 (we have a 15 month old boy)
    Team green, but I think it's a boy
  • @mrsrep123 yup! I was literally telling DH that there was someone from the July board that was due in May as well! How exciting?!  :D

  • @CANTW82BMOM and @mrsrep123
    I was also in the july 15 group! I didn't participate that much, but I had my dd on 7/9!
  • @BumpAdmin @BumpTara @BumpCaitlin sticky this thread please, I don't know what else we have to do other than tagging yall 

  • Klee_nc Edd: May 1 baby # 3 
    Pregnancy Ticker
  • Big thanks to whoever is keeping this up to date! 

  • I just added my info! Thanks for making this list. 
    April Siggy Challenge: Baby Animals

    Baby Lions from OR Zoo (a couple years ago)
  • lilbeautysxtlilbeautysxt member
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    Haven't been to the doc yet, but based on my cycle my EDD will be 5/13! We will find out gender during ultrasound! Oh and this is #2!
  • Add me!  On phone! 

    Edd 5/29 
    we will find out gender 
    just hoping it's not twins again lol. 

  • @BumpAdmin ; Sticky pretty please???
    Me: 33 / DH: 35
    Married: Nov 2006
    DD: Sept 2010
    DS: June 2013
    BFP #3 - EDD 5.13.16
  • Please add me!  (I'm mobile.)
    EDD: 5/4
    We will be finding out the gender.  Mother's intuition-girl.
    1st baby to hopefully take home (I've had miscarriages).
  • May 14th tbd baby number 2 moms intuition is girl
  • Mobile bumping.
    EDD may 10
    Baby #3
    We will find out
    Intuition says boy
    Me: 33   DH: 42
    DD: 6
    DS: 2
  • Can you add me? Edd 5/19
  • Hey! Please add me! 
    EDD: 5/19/17
    1st Baby
    Team Green 
    Me: 27, DH: 28
    Married: 10/4/14, Together Since: 5/21/06
    Furbaby: A cat whom I adore!

    TTTC #1 since April 2015, Started Treatment Dec 2015
    5 Cycles of IF treatment until BFP!

    BFP: September 5th, 2016
    EDD: May 15th, 2017 - Baby #1 - Girl - Evelyn Marie 

    BabyFetus Ticker
  • marybatson85marybatson85 member
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    Can someone add me please??? Mobile bumping

     username- marybatson85
     EDD 5-14-2017
    team green/blue/pink im doing team rainbow
     baby # 5 2 live 2 m/c
    and mother's intuition (boy or girl?) boy
  • I'm on mobile too so will someone please add me?

    EDD: May 1
    Baby #1
    Team Green
    American living in the Middle East
    TTC: May 5, 2015/BFP: August 22, 2016/EDD: April 29, 2017

  • @aditi02 Can you share more information for me to plug in? Do you plan to find out the sex during the pregnancy, what number baby will this be, and do you have a guess which sex it will be?

  • Mobile add please
    EDD: 5/4
    1st pregnancy 
    I was thinking boy originally, but lately I have thought maybe girl....

  • I added mine!! EDD 5/21 
    This is such a fun idea!

    Me: 23   DH: 30

    TTC since May 2015

    DX: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia causing


    BFP on 9/8/16 after cycle #9 of 16 months TTC!! 1st US 10/3

    .Babysizer Cravings Pregnancy Tracker 
    Currently: Very anxious!!
  • EDD: May 5th
    Team: Green
    Baby: #1
    Mothers intuition: No feeling yet
    May' 17 May Siggy Challenge: Funny labor memes

    Babysizer Cravings Pregnancy Tracker

  • Mobile bumping! I got my dating ultrasound today, so I finally have an official due date!

    Edd: May 15th
    2nd child
    I am thinking it's a girl, but only because I am so much more nauseous than I was wth DS.
  • Someone can add me please! EDD 5/31, team green, baby #2
  • Could someone please add me? 

    First baby
    I think it might be a girl,  hubby thinks it is a boy.
  • If someone could add me, I'd appreciate it. Babies #3 & #4. Due 5/5. We'll find out sex if possible. Intuition says B/G.
  • Hi there! On a phone, please add me :blush:

    EDD: 5/12
    Baby #1
    Mother's Intuition: Girl!
    Preference: Boy!
    We plan to find out the sex when we can.
  • High five EDD 5/12 buddy! :blush:
  • amh369amh369 member
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    Whoops. Hitting reply instead of quote. Oy :neutral:
  • Edd: 5/27 
    Baby # 2 
    Mothere intuition: girl 
    Preference: a healthy baby 
    Plan to find out sex as soon as possible 
  • Would y'all be willing to change to a different username instead of Knottie########? That way y'all will stand out a little bit and we know who you are. It's hard to figure out who is who. Please let me know if you change your username and I will update it on the spreadsheet too. 

  • @pshaortao out of curiosity - what does the green mean on some people's entries??

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  • @ShadeofGreen816 that they're team green. Once a mama finds out the sex they will either be pink or blue. I saw this on another board and thought it looked fun

  • Oooh I like it!!!

    Babysizer Cravings Pregnancy Tracker

  • EDD: 5/29
    team green! Not finding out!
    baby #2
    mother's intuition: ? Too early for that yet
  • EDD:  5/19
    Baby #2
    mother's intuition: no feelings yet
    preference: girl but happy with either. 
  • Please add me
    loreana, EDD: May 1, 2017, team green/, baby # 1, and our intuition: girl
  • Just had our first ultrasound, so if you could please add me...

    EDD: May 24
    Team Green
    Baby #2
    Mom's intuition: boy based on the nausea, but I was completely wrong with DD
  • Team green EDD May 31st 2nd child please add me ! Also i been trying to figure this app out and im alil confused i dont really know how to use it. How do i change my pic next to my username ? 
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