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May 2017 EDD Spreadsheet

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Since I didn't see a spreadsheet going yet for this BMB, I went ahead and started one. I hope that is okay with y'all!

I made it accessible so anybody can open it and add their own information. If you can't add it yourself (especially from a phone), go ahead and comment. If someone else or I add your information, you will get a love tit Don't be surprised if I (and maybe others) organize it alphabetically for each due date. Organization just makes my heart swoon ;)

Spreadsheet here!

ETA: For those who can't add their own info, so far we have the following to fill out: username, EDD, team green/blue/pink, baby #, and mother's intuition (boy or girl?)


Re: May 2017 EDD Spreadsheet

  • Thanks for doing this!  Now I feel like this BMB is legit! LOL!!!
    Me: 33 / DH: 35
    Married: Nov 2006
    DD: Sept 2010
    DS: June 2013
    BFP #3 - EDD 5.13.16
  • I can't open it? Is that because I'm on a phone?
  • Someone can add me... Edd is 5/3 and we will be finding out the sex at an A/S 

  • cmillar36cmillar36 member
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    May 1st for me. We will be finding out early what the gender is like 10 weeks probably.

    please add me @pshaortao
  • @pshaortao thanks for starting this!
    Me: 30  DH: 31
    Married 2010
    TTC since Nov. 2015
    BFP#1: 2/8/16
    MC: 3/19/16  :'(
    BFP#2: 9/3/16   EDD: 5/17/17

    mommy to the cutest rescue mutt ever.
    my chart
  • I agree with @slam1110, this makes everything feel real! 
    Me: 29 DH: 30
    Married 06/2013
    TTC 06/2016      BFP #1 8/28/16 MC 9/15/16
    DX Feb 2017: PCOS & Mild MFI
    IVF: May 2017

  • @BumpAdmin @BumpCaitlin @BumpTara
    Can we please Sticky this thread!  
    Baby N-Born:10/29/15
    Our Angel: EDD: 05/11/17. MC at 6 weeks
    Baby #2- EDD: 07/18/17

  • You are so nice to help ppl that can't get to a computer! My EDD is 5/16. What other info are you adding?
  • EDD 5/12 Team TBD Baby #2 Mother's Intuition: Boy

    BFP #1 12/23/12 EDD 9/3/13 DD #1 8/26/13

    BFP #2  2/25/16  EDD 11/5/16 MMC 4/15/16

    BFP #3  8/31/16  EDD  5/12/17 It's a GIRL!

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  • I think the most exciting part of the spreadsheet is seeing the first time moms. I'm almost as excited for them as I am for myself! 
  • I keep trying to type into the spreadsheet, but it disappears :( 

    Could I be added? Edd 5/16/2017, baby #3, we will find out the sex, I think it is a girl.

  • EDD 5/5/2017, pregnancy #5 but praying for 3rd living baby (never sure how to answer that one, sry), we will find out gender, and I'm guessing this will be our 3rd boy!
  • I can't update because I'm mobile bumping

    EDD: May 8, 2016
    Team: Green
    Baby #: 1
    Intuition: Boy
    Me: 26 DH: 28  
    TTC #1 since 06/2014
    BFP #1 09/23/15. MMC discovered 11/24/2015
    BFP #2 08/24/16 EDD 05/08/17

  • @pshaortao - could mom's age be added to the spreadsheet? (Unless there is overwhelming objection.)
  • This is super fun!

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  • Thanks for starting this! <3

  • Wonderful : )
    Me: 36  DH:35
    Married: 7/10/2016
    TTC#1 - May 2016
    BFP 9/6/2017 - Missed MC 10/20/2016  

  • Edd May 15th. Maybe??  Not sure.  Baby #1.  We will find out the sex asap. 
  • emilyalso said:
    @pshaortao - could mom's age be added to the spreadsheet? (Unless there is overwhelming objection.)
    I think that's something that should be up to the May BMB. You can start a poll if you'd like!

  • @Knottie1437952664 Would you be willing to update your username first so it will be easier to identify you as we all get to know each other? In the meantime I will go ahead and input your info!

  • Add me too please! 

    EDD: May 4
    Team: Green
    Baby #3
    mother's intuition- Boy

  • My phone won't let me edit. 
    add me please! :) 
    EDD:May 1st
    baby #2
    Mothers intuition- girl 

  • I'm always on my phone, so can you please add me. EDD: May 1st (I think)
    We want to find out the sex.
    Baby #2
    Mother's intuition-Chinese calendar says Girl :)
  • mrsrep123mrsrep123 member
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    Great job @pshaortao!
    I'm a mobile user and it would be greatly appreciative if you can add me. 
    username: mrsrep123
    EDD: May 9, 2017
    team: will find out
    baby #: 2
    mother's intuition: girl (first is a boy)

    DS 7/24/15

    LO due 5/9/17

  • Mobile bumping; please add me!
    EDD: 5/17
    baby #2
    Will find out with panorama test
    intuition and Chinese gender chart says girl.
    October 2014 April Siggy Challenge: Favorite Flower - Lilacs
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  • On mobile! 
    EDD: May 12
    Baby #2
    Will find out
    Hoping it's a girl! 
  • Mobile add:
    EDD: May 9th
    Baby number 2 (I have an 11 year old)
    Transferred 2 embryos, hoping for atleast 1 girl!
    Me- blocked Fallopian Tube, and Endometriosis (31) & DH 0% morphology (44)
    June 2013- Married in Jamaica and started TTC 
    August 2014- (temp everyday and opk and clomid used 5 cycles)
    September 2015- Hysterscopy and Laproscopy, fixed one tube, and couldn't fix one.  Removed polyp. 
    October 2015-  1st IUI - BFN
    December 2015 - 2nd IUI  - BFN
    June 2016 - IVF Consultation
    July 2016 - Start IVF Process
  • Mobile bumping! 
    EDD: May 8th 
    baby #2 
  • Thanks for this! Spreadsheets make me happy too  <3
  • @BumpAdmin @BumpCaitlin @BumpTara Sticky please!!!

    Me: 33 / DH: 35
    Married: Nov 2006
    DD: Sept 2010
    DS: June 2013
    BFP #3 - EDD 5.13.16
  • SWoodd2012SWoodd2012 member
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    Would someone please add me :smile:   
    EDD: 5/01
    Not sure how to answer the baby question. We're a blended family; 2 kiddos, this is my 2nd pregnancy (1st was mc). So baby #1?? Sorry for elaborate answer. I do that a lot
    We will find out the gender, so team TBD.
    Mom intuition(Guess/Chinese predictor): Boy.

    Thanks for whomever is willing to add me!
  • Won't let me add on my phone 

    EDD 5/9
    My 2nd baby
    My intuition is its a girl
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  • EDD 5/3 
    1st baby
    Team green
  • Will you please add me? Due 5/4/17. We will likely find out what we are having, but we are hoping for a boy, since DD will be almost 2 when baby is born.
    Married 8/29/09
    MC: 9/14
    Goober #1 born: 8/17/15
    MC: 9/16
    Goober # 2 EDD: 6/27/17
  • Please add I'm too mobile!!

    edd 5/19
    baby #2
    thinking boy!
  • @BumpAdmin please sticky!! 
    Me: 29 DH: 30
    Married 06/2013
    TTC 06/2016      BFP #1 8/28/16 MC 9/15/16
    DX Feb 2017: PCOS & Mild MFI
    IVF: May 2017

  • I guess I should have waited, now I have to ask to be removed. Best of luck to you all. Prayers and love for healthy pregnancies to you all.
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