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Can a newborn sleep too much?!?!

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maybe im just being paranoid, and Maybe I'm just comparing my first son who is now 2.5 and my newborn who is 1 week old but I just don't remember my first sleeping this much during the day. Oh course he's up more during the night for hours at a time. I have to wake him to feed and change him during the day. Im sure it's normal but I still worry. I keep telling myself all babies are different.. He's only awake for a few minutes to no more then an hour at a time. Anyone else have a really good day sleep? 

Re: Can a newborn sleep too much?!?!

  • Sounds pretty normal for a one week old as long as he is getting enough to eat. Enjoy it while it lasts, lol. He probably has a doc appointment coming up soon right? You can double check then but it doesn't sound worrisome to me as long as he's gaining/not losing weight.

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  • jackieoicklejackieoickle member
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    I think I'm just comparing him to my first. I remember him being awake more during the day from the start. But I'd have to say this little one sleeps better at night ( not much better but some lol ). Yes dr appt coming up soon so I'll address my concerns there and get his weight checked :)
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  • (Lurking from March '16) I wouldn't be too concerned unless, like pp said, baby isn't gaining weight because he's not eating enough. Newborns can sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours a day. I've also read that for the first 4 months or so, babies only have a 90 minute wake time- meaning they usually only stay up for a maximum of 90 minutes before they need to sleep again.

    Also, if baby seems to be more awake during the night rather than the day, your LO might have his days and nights confused (this happened with my son- it stunk) When he's up during the day, make sure you let him experience plenty of sunlight (sit by a widow for a few minutes for each time he's awake during the day), and for the evening keep all lighting to a minimum. 
  • Newborns sleep a lot, usually up to 18 hours per day!  They do not have a sense between day and night which explains why they sleep around the clock only awakening, it seems, to eat, although you mention your little one is awake more at night!    At this early age, it seems all they do is sleep and eat!   By two months, most babies fall into a more regular sleep habit.  Good luck mom and try not to worry.  In no time, you will be spending more waking hours during the day time with your son! 


  • I'm slowly starting to see my little Rowen stay awake a tiny bit more. We even had a great night of sleep only being up twice! Maybe it was a fluke but we'll see. I've been trying to do things such as lots of light and noise during the day and keeping it dark and quiet at night to help him get his days and nights turned around. I just think again I was comparing him to my first; he was more wired and awake more during the day but if course was a horrible sleeper until about a year old
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