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For the mom's who are still breastfeeding or STM's, what does your nursing schedule look like at this point as we approach the one year mark? I'm planning on letting LO self-wean but I am so tired of pumping 2x a day at work and am looking forward to dropping those sessions. My daughter currently nurses 4x a day when I am off. On days I work she nurses before I leave, has one bottle while I am gone, and nurses when I get home before bed.

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  • Damien nurses in the morning when he gets up, before and after naps (usually just a snack not full session so I'd group them into one full session) and before bed. He gets a soppy throughout the day of water and we're starting to introduce whole milk. This is how I did it with my daughter and she held on to nursing until she was two. 
  • My boy is almost 10 months and I feel bad for saying and thinking it, but I ant to wean him. Wanted to reach the 12 month mark from the start but I feel ready to stop. LO is down to feeding 2x max 3x a day and then about same amount at night.!they are not full feeds, he just has a bit. He is on solids all meals. It feels as if he is less interested, too. I am planning on starting on baby number 2 in November. Having my body to myself until then would be great.
  • I nurse before bed, on demand during the night (but I'm pretty sure that's only once on one side), sometimes a little when we wake up, pump once at work and then once a little after I get home from work. I don't mind it, but I REALLY want to get my period back since I'd like one more. This is our 4th and I've forgotten how quickly it came back before, but I *think* at least 2 were before the 1 year mark (and I nursed for 14 months, 20 months and 30 months, respectively). Anyone else still waiting for their period?
  • @Knottie1445378742 I had spotting and breakthrough bleeding while I had nexplanon, but after removing it in June I've had two normal periods.
  • Waaaah! So jealous. Every time a friend complains about being on her period, I am envious. Never thought I'd see that day.
  • We usually nurse first thing in the morning.  A quick before nap session  (twice a day) before bed and anywhere from 1-4 times in a night.   I think he's just thirsty and likes the comfort more than anything.  My periods returned at 8 months and I am almost 5 weeks pregnant right now.  I'm waiting to see what will happen to my milk as my hormones start raging.  I'm in no hurry to stop as my body isn't mine again but don't want to be tandem nursing 2 kids.
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  • My daughter nurses first thing in the morning, when I get home from work around dinner, and at bedtime. During the day she takes a bottle at daycare (but she really doesn't drink that much at daycare). My first goal was 6 months, so I'm pretty proud of myself to still be breastfeeding. My new goal is 1 year... and we are only 6 weeks away from that. She isn't as interested in breastfeeding as she used to be, so I'm hoping she will start to self wean around the year mark, but we will see. Good job to all mommas out there!
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  • Still waiting for my period, LO just turned 1, 9/17. She nurses when she wakes up, before both naps, and a frozen bm bottle before bed. Sometimes she wants to when she wakes up from nap but I have trying to fend off with sippy. I want to wean soon but don't know how considering when she gets sleepy she whines and won't take sippy bc she wants to nurse or bottle. But I don't want to give her bottle for all feeds and then her get used to that! Tips!?
  • Baby girl nurses first thing in the morning and before bedtime. Sometimes she'll nurse before dinner, but we have been working on cutting that one out. She's not as interested as she used to be, which I think is a good sign that she's starting to self-wean. The bedtime feed will be the hardest to cut out I think for her. My period has yet to return as well. However, I am on birth control (that's safe while breastfeeding) so I'm sure that's part of it! Getting anxious thinking about the all important one year mark with cow's milk, and weaning, and everything else. Her birthday is just 10 days away! Ahh! Where did the year go?
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  • You are doing so well pumping twice a day at work! I find it exhausting expressing occasionally, let alone twice a day. I think you can start replacing feeds with a bottle of milk etc at one? I do know some mums that just did a bottle of almond milk for one feed that they were replacing as their little ones were a bit funny with dairy
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