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Rally to Improve Birth, Happening This Monday!

American maternity care is in crisis. Most women in the U.S. receive care that increases, rather than decreases, the risks of harm to them and their babies - research shows an alarming gap between what science shows is best for moms and babies and the routine care most women receive.

ImprovingBirth.org is a national non-profit  advocacy organization working to bring respectful, evidence-based care to women and babies in pregnancy and childbirth. This year, they will host their 5th annual Rally to Improve Birth on Labor Day, September 5th  in over 150 locations across the country.

One in three babies in the U.S. is born via Cesarean surgery and about half of these surgeries are estimated to be preventable. Once a woman has had a Cesarean, she will have a difficulty finding a care provider and hospital to support her in a vaginal birth.

That's why the 2016 Rally to Improve Birth will focus on VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) Access!

Organized by volunteering members of the community, families and birth professionals will gather to advocate for a better maternity care system. ImprovingBirth.org is asking hospitals and maternity care providers to join them in closing the huge gap between evidence-based care and the standard of care in childbirth.

Rally to Improve Birth, Washington DC
Date: September 5, 2016

Time: 10a-12p
Location: Silver Spring, MD Corner of Georgia Ave and Wayne Ave (1 Discovery Place)

This is a family friendly event, and will offer a nursing area, diaper changing station, as well as children’s activities. There are multiple vendors attending, including birth professionals, and several raffle items including gift certificates to Target and Blue Heron Wellness.

For more information, please visit the local Improving Birth Facebook page

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