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Is abdominal tightness normal at 23 weeks?

I have been working from home for my job since my first pregnancy. I was sitting at our table, working at my laptop and I've been feeling like a on and off tightness in the lower part of my belly. I feel the tightening maybe once or twice an hour. It's not necessarily painful...just uncomfortable. Is this normal? Could this be Braxton Hicks kicking in? I had it in my last pregnancy, but I didn't start feeling them until around 28-29 weeks in. If it helps, I'm 23 weeks in and I'm carrying twins. Thanks. 

Re: Is abdominal tightness normal at 23 weeks?

  • Sounds like Braxton hicks to me. I don't remember when I started feeling them, but it was in the second trimester. Just make sure they don't start to increase or become painful.
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  • Sounds like Braxton Hicks. I believe the general guideline is to let your OB or MW know if you have more than 4-5 in an hour or they develop a pattern. I found I always had more if I hadn't been drinking enough water.
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  • Sounds like BH for sure. If worried, a call to your doctor can't hurt! 

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  • Hi!! I am 21 weeks with twins and I work as an RN which can be laborious on the body at times. I started having that tightening at 18 weeks with movement. It felt quite strong to me and scared me so I went to my doctor. They said to watch for patterns, pain, and bleeding. If it's random and goes away it should be ok. They measured my cervix and it was sealed up tight thankfully. The concern is if it starts to cause cervical changes. Otherwise should be ok if it's random. They suggested increasing water intake, and laying down if they occur
  • This exact same things happens to me with every pregnancy (I'm on # 3)  It happened at 27 weeks with #1, 26 weeks with #2 and it started at 22 weeks this time.  It's not supposed to happen this early.  Wit the 1st 2 I was hospitalized each time adn they tracked the contractions determined that I wasn't progressing towards labor and gave me a shot to stop them.  This time around they have alreadyed limited me (no more excercise, limit stairs, try not to pick up the kids) Call your dr.  Just to be safe.  Mine take it seriously.
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  • I'm 24 weeks and think I might be feeling the same thing , but the only way I can describe it is like a side stitch (the feeling you get from exercising after drinking too much water) in my lower abs. Is this the same as Braxton hicks ?
  • I'm 15 weeks and I started feeling them 2 days ago. I think I was a little dehydrated because I had them for the most part of the day then I made myself drink 24 of waters and it stopped.  I been drinking water since about 3 now and I haven't had one since then. This is my third child so I knew what they were just didn't think they would start so soon. 

  • Just a follow up on my previous message. I ended up in the hospital just a day later. I was having lots of contractions, bleeding, with cervical changes (shortened to 2.3cm). They monitored me for 3 days, turns out i have been having them every 7 minutes and I didn't know. Follow up tomorrow with high risk doctor and praying for no more cervical changes. At 22 weeks, my twins are too small to survive. Never blame things on "normal pregnancy pains", always talk to your doctor!! I've been on bed rest a week now, possibly indefinitely. I don't care as long as these babies stay put and keep growing strong. 
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