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Posterior babe + anterior placenta?

So I'm 34 wks and 2 days and my baby boy #2 is posterior and I've got a anterior placenta. My first boy was just the opposite and I had an awesome delivery with him vaginally. I'm concerned because I want my second little man to turn but I hear it makes it harder for them to with an anterior placenta to do so...but I've also read that it doesn't matter? Gah! And my doc says he isn't worried about it but of course this mama is. I really would like to get him to turn before the big day or just have another vaginal birth again. anyone have success stories for me in this same situation about their baby turning the right way with anterior placenta position?! I'm freaking out lol plus the idea of a vacuum or forceps to get him out I would just rather not! As ridiculous as it sounds I would rather them cut me than risk them tugging on his sweet little head (since I'll already be in pain lol). 
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Re: Posterior babe + anterior placenta?

  • I don't know much about this kind of thing, but I think there may still be some tugging on his head if you have a C-section.  I worry about the head-tugging all day long, too!  I see birthing videos where they hold the baby up by the neck like a puppet to show it to the mother all the time.  It drives me crazy!  That's the reason that people end up needing baby chiropractors.  Anyway, I wish you the best of luck.  Baby could still turn :-)

  • I had an anterior placenta, posterior babe. She
    did not turn properly but i was still able to have her naturally. I did require an episiotomy, but no c section, forceps, or other intervention.  
  • I had this as well and I would have been able to have a fine vaginal delivery and was all set to push and everything looked great except my little ones Heart decelerated and I ended up having to have an emergency c section but the dr's determined it was a cord problem not anything to do with the placenta or her placement. Best of luck 

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  • Spinning babies has some good stretches that are rumored to help a baby turn.  I had an anterior placenta and managed to get DD to ROA for delivery which isnt necessarily an optimal position but it's better than posterior.  I had to push for 2.5 hours because she had issues turning through my pelvis and she had some decelerations that put me at risk of a csection.  Fortunately, some oxygen for me was enough to keep her stable enough to deliver without a csection and, to my knowledge, they didn't need a vacuum or forceps either.  I did have a 2nd degree tear (equivalent to an episiostomy) and that sucked but in the end, my daughter made it out happy and healthy.  

  • Update: thanks all for sharing your stories! They are appreciated!

    baby boy moved to ROA a day or two ago and provider informed me he is engaged so that's good! He's a very active little guy so I'm hopeful with how active he is he will go LOA or anterior, whether that's before labor or during. But either way he is born how he is born I guess and I can only do so much 
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