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What activity will harm my baby?

My due date is 4/26/ so I'm 6 weeks along. Today I mowed the grass and am cleaning up. I'm trying not to get lazy like with my last pregnancy. But now  i'm worried that pushing and pulling the lawnmower may hurt my baby. Can this happen?  I know people say that they tell you not to do those things more for you than the baby but I want to make sure that's true. I just don't want to hurt my baby or miscarry! 

Re: What activity will harm my baby?

  • I agree with @allybadry, but a good resource to check out is: https://pregnantchicken.com/the-list/

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  • This is 100% a question for you doctor.

    I have been extremely active before getting pregnant and working out with heavy weights. My doctor is still comfortable with me lifting upwards of 200lbs for the remainder of my pregnancy or until I don't feel like my body can handle it. Should others do that... absolutely not. My doctor is more worried about my HR rather than what i'm actually doing. So I have to wear a HR monitor any time i'm active and can't keep HR above 140 for more than 5 min at a time. 

    I would say continue doing what you have already been doing prior to getting pregnant, and at next appointment ask doctor. Unless you have a history of MC or problems, then I would call doctor asap to see what you can and can't do. 
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  • I will continue to go to the gym and lift weights, as well as ride my horse. (Gasp) 
  • Last pregnant I continued with heavy weights until the end. I had to stop running earlier as I strained a muscle in my abs. This pregnancy I will continue with my current activity level. I've had to stop martial arts since it involves being struck in the stomach. I'll stop riding my horse when it feels like I should. Last time that was around 4 months, when I could feel my uterus above my proves. 

    Talk to to your doctor, but everyday activities for an otherwise healthy adult are generally okay. 
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  • I'm doing a fun run inflatable 5k in October. I'm active, though not really a runner anymore. It didn't occur to me that I shouldn't participate. I'll just take it easy and walk if I get strained or out of breath.

    definitely a question for your OB tho, if you're unsure. 
  • @Dannylion24 I did one of those not too long ago; it was fun! There wasn't anything that I wasn't able to do. Enjoy it!

    OP, as others have said, this is a conversation to have with your doctor. I am extremely skeptical that mowing the lawn could injure your child, but again, not a medical professional, so what do I know?

    Like PPs I am planning to continue my normal exercise routine of running/weight lifting/etc. until it feels like it's time to stop or my OB tells me to.
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  • Thanks for the vote of confidence @SnarkasaurusRex !
  • I'm continuing my kickboxing circuit training class, mowing the grass, and riding my horse. If it feels painful or wrong I will stop. Better to stay active than to be a couch potato
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