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Weekly Randoms & Spam 8/29

Talk away with not-pregnancy stuff here!

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Re: Weekly Randoms & Spam 8/29

  • So, I'm a food service director in a school district.  I took over earlier this year as the interim director, had to fight to save the program (they were contemplating a management company), and was finally named the official director in May.......except I have not received my contract yet.  I was told all summer that "it's with the town attorney" and then there wasn't a board of ed meeting in August, so no chance to approve the contracts, but we get them in September.

    Okay.....so, I was told to carry on as if I have my contract.  I worked a few days over the summer and was told that I work 10 days past the end of the school year and 10 days before the school year begins.  I went back a week and a half ago, but because no contract I'm still submitting time sheets.  I heard through the grapevine today (from a reliable source) that my supervisor freaked out on Friday, wanting to know "Why is she working?!", and that he refused to sign my timesheet.  What in the ever-loving f*ck.  Payroll pushed my hours through because they know I worked and deserve to get paid......but what do I do?  Like I wasn't scared enough before about telling my boss that I'm pregnant, now I'm completely freaked out and pissed off.
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  • @beckyf321 that sounds ridiculous! Can you talk to someone on the board of Ed? I hope it gets resolved soon. Thank goodness the payroll people are still pushing your time sheets through. 

    So random..but I feel like such a loser. There were two men sitting on my curb looking really sketchy smoking from a bong. They were there for a good ten minutes and I decided to call the non emergency police. Two squad cars came by and I'm pretty sure they were harmless, but now I feel like I overreacted. Now these schmos will probably peg my house. 
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  • That's ridiculous, who brings their bong out to someone else's sidewalk to smoke?? I live in Colorado where it's legal, but most people are pretty discrete about it in public! 
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  • Oh, I totally forgot to ask y'all!  I'm travelling over the next week or so.  Can I get a volunteer to sub in and post the randoms & pregnancy chatter weekend and weekly threads?
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    Me: 28 & Partner: 32 | Married 2014
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  • I just sneezed all over a client's paperwork. I don't even care. 
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