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Meal Plan Monday (8/29)

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Do you meal plan? If so, what are you having this week?

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Re: Meal Plan Monday (8/29)

  • Today - bruschetta chicken, salad
    Tomorrow - BLTs, corn on the cob
    Wednesday - grilled chicken, green beans
    Thursday - breakfast for dinner
    Friday - crock pot chicken tikka masala
    Saturday - grilled pork chops & mashed potatoes
  • I made this Tuscan Tortellini Soup yesterday - it makes a ton, is full of veggies (and no meat if you're feeling averse like me!) while also satisying my craving for carb-y cheesy pasta:
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  • Oh geez....I honestly can't even think about meal planning. The nausea has gotten worse with each passing day. A BLT sounds good. And I think we may go out for Chinese one day. Who knows...
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  • Tonight is leftovers. Then for the week we will have Roast Chicken with scalloped potatoes and green beans, turkey tacos with roasted corn, and spaghetti with garlic bread. H and I both work evenings/nights this week so everything gets broken down to individual servings for the one that's working and we try to eat all the leftovers so each meal lasts a few days. 
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  • Today: burgers and sweet potato "Fries"
    Tues: turkey tacos
    Wed: chicken parm sandwiches and salad
    Thurs: egg baguette bakes and fruit salad
    Fri: gyro chicken salads

    This is my first week back to work (teacher) so hopefully I can stick to the plan!
  • We have been trying Blue Apron for free this week. I don't think I would pay for it because I think it's pretty pricey, but it has been fun! So, here are my meals:
    Monday: beef quesadillas from BA
    Tuesday: whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce and a salad
    Wednesday: chicken, steamed green beans, fingering potatoes
    Thurs: leftovers
    Fri: grilled chicken salad
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  • Ehhhh

    Monday; cheeseburgers/kielbasa, fries, salad
    Tuesday: turkey quesadillas w spanish rice
    Wednesday: delivery pizza bc I'm hosting a 'back to school ice cream social' for my two older kiddos' class friends that evening
    Thursday: cheesy chicken casserole w veggies over rice
    Friday: breakfast for dinner (usual Friday plan) or spag and meatballs
    Saturday: fish and veggies on the grill with baked potatoes
    Sunday: steak or chops, corn on the cob, some kind of pasta or Mac n cheese  

    Everyone else is a heck of a lot more inspired than me. Still wondering about that 'can' thing @leslieknope
  • H is home for the week so he's making dinner!

    Today: french toast with bacon and eggs
    Tuesday: tacos
    Wednesday: chicken nuggets and French fries
    Thursday: spaghetti with garlic bread and broccoli
    Friday: steak with pasta and corn on the cob or taco salad
    Saturday: chicken cordon bleu with rice and frozen veggies
  • @Dannylion24

    So Cream Can was actually really good, but a totally misleading name. It consisted of no cream, and nothing came from a can.

    Apparently when my H was young, his family went camping and they would take a cream can, apparently something found on really old farms? And then they would throw random stuff in it and cook it over a fire. 

    We did not use a cream can, we used our dutch oven. Potatoes, carrots, corn on the cob, onions and kielbasa, with veggie broth and some beer. Throw it all in, cook it over the coals for an hour. So going forward, we will call this dutch oven, and it will probably never be the same twice. 

    Here is a (n enormous) cream can. 
  • Tonight- tilapia and pierogies
    Tues- crockpot lasagna
    Weds- chicken alfredo
    Thurs- leftovers
    Fri- grill porkchops/veggies/potatoes
    Sat- waffle iron pizzas 
  • @leslieknope that is really interesting - my family has a similar tradition that we always thought was funny to call 'grub' as kids, but I have never heard of the cream can. Appreciate the lesson (& especially the picture). I admit I was thinking something completely different  ;)

  • Sun: French Toast w/Apple chicken sausage
    Mon:  Tomato soup w/grilled cheese sammies 
    Tues:  Chicken/Spinach sausages w/pasta + steamed veggie TBD
    Wed:  Pasta with turkey/red sauce + salad
    Thurs:  Possibly another breakfast for dinner
  • Yesterday - BBQ pork on a baked potato
    today - boudin, broccoli, cornbread
    wednesday - quesadillas 
    thursday - coconut curry shrimp
    friday - leftover pork loin from the freezer. I think we'll do sandwiches. 
    Saturday - baked fish, cous cous, asparagus 
    **TW kids and loss mentioned**

    -- DS 3.8.14
    -- MC 9.22.16 at 8 wks

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