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2nd Trimester

Boy or Girl?!

So this ultrasound was taken about when I was 12 almost 13 weeks pregnant. I'm 14 weeks now .The nurse said she would take a peek just for fun to see if she could guess the gender. Based off the position of the "nub" between the legs being vertical she thinks it may be a boy . 

Any guesses ladies?

Re: Boy or Girl?!

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    Sex, not gender. And if a medical professional can't tell for sure, no one here can. This post won't go over very well here, FWIW. 
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  • Pretty sure it's a velociraptor if you are lucky maybe a baby but I'm pretty sure velociraptor 
  • I'm going with a super baby that can shoot lasers out of its eyes.  I can't be the only one who sees that, can I? 

  • Is this middle school or adulthood?  Ladies, some of you embarrass me!
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