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Hi all. A little background on me... I had a natural miscarriage at home at 15 weeks 3 days February 23rd... I went in the hospital right after and they did a d&c for leftover placental tissue. I got pregnant right away and had another miscarriage at 14 weeks 6 days on July 7th. When I went into the hospital this time I didn't need a d&c and was told any minimal amounts of tissue would be cleared out during my menstrual cycle. I bled for 2 weeks after, stopped bleeding for almost 2 weeks and started bleeding again (hopefully AF) on August 2nd and still getting positive pregnancy tests. I had an ultrasound and blood levels done on the 4th. I was told my uterus had blood in it and looked like one that was on its period and my levels were at 22. I was also told that my pregnancy tests should be negative after my period ended... It's now been 3 1/2 weeks since I started bleeding and I'm still bleeding and still getting positive tests. I've had 2 days where I didn't bleed and started again. I called my doctor Thursday to ask about it and am hoping to hear from her on Monday... I just wish this would end already.

Any other ladies have crazy bleeding and Hcg levels that won't drop? I'm just so confused and ready to be done bleeding. 

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  • I have not experienced this but so so sorry that you are going through all this.  I hope you get answers soon. Thoughts and prayers are with you 
  • I'm so sorry, it sucks being in that limbo stage. I didn't bleed on and off but I did bleed for 4 straight weeks and since my latest miscarriage in April I have not had a regular cycle, they have been all over the place 24, 32, 26 days apart. Wait for what your doctor has to say and in the mean time try not to worry too much, hugs. 
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  • Thanks ladies! I had an ultrasound yesterday and have retained tissue from the miscarriage that isn't coming out. I am going to take cytocec on Friday to kick start some contractions to hopefully get it out... Otherwise I have to get a d&c. Ugh. I hate this.
  • :( I hope it works for you
  • No advice but wish you the best. 

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