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Weekend Pregnancy Chatter 8/26

This is the weekend chatter thread to... you know... talk about pregnancy and stuff. Wondering what everybody's opinion on doctors vs midwifes vs doulas? Find a good cure for something that's been ailing you?  Just had one of those "holy smokes I'm GROWING a HUMAN like it's a potted plant or something, but INSIDE MY BODY" moments?  Have a rando ask when the baby is due and you're like, "Wait, I'm not even showing yet, not sure if I should be polite or rude at this point"?   Whatever comments or stories or questions or etcetera you got that don't quite fit into the other organizational threads, this is probably the spot.

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Re: Weekend Pregnancy Chatter 8/26

  • @STM2017 That's torture! I can't believe you only get one ultrasound! 
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  • I'm so tired of puking and I feel like a worthless pile of poo. I've been laying in bed since my appointment this morning and I have no regrets.  My house is gross and I have so much laundry to do but I just literally cannot.  DH is being a good sport about it though.
  • belocin said:
    I've been really crampy the past couple of days. I can't help but worry even though I remember cramping a lot with my first. First tri is such a mind f#%k for me.
    Agreed. It's a constant battle trying to keep the worry at bay. Second tri is closer today than it was yesterday. You've got this!
    Put me in this club, too.  I'm pretty sure it's just the start of RLP + uterus growth, and I'm also pretty sure that it's just because I'm nervous about the ultrasound on Monday.  Doesn't mean I'm not checking myself in the restroom way too frequently.
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    Me: 28 & Partner: 32 | Married 2014
    BFP 7/29 EDD 4/11
  • @clickclackmoo, I agree and am definitely ready to be through the first trimester. I still have a while to go though (6 weeks today)

    @TheJerilu, I have been, and still am, checking myself all too frequently in the restroom....as if the constant peeing isn't bad enough!
  • Solidarity likes @TheJerilu and @chelle087. Thank you for your kind words, @belocin.
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  • @clover28 I am 110% with you.  It's so freaking hard to feel awful constantly and I'm over it and I'm pretty sure my poor DS is over his mom being the worst ever mom, too. 
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  • @STM2017 My first appointment isn't until September 20th, so I feel your pain. I will be 9 weeks at the time. 
  • @RachelGreene, even you beat me!!! Lol. My 12 week appointment is Septemeber 21!!! I'm probably going to be the last person on here to have an appointment!
  • @STM2017 my first appointment was a non-appointment. They basically filled out my chart by asking if everything from my last pregnancy was the same, and told me to get blood work next week (we could have done that on the phone). I have my physical Sept 23 and an ultrasound Oct 11.
  • @allybadry, oh that's annoying! At least at my first appointment we should get to hear the heartbeat! 
  • @STM2017 if memory serves me correctly I won't even hear the heartbeat until my ultrasound. That is the first time they actually confirmed last time that it was in fact a baby growing in there. Oh well, anticipation makes it more exciting and all that...
  • @stm2017 my first official prenatal appt is oct 7! That seems like a lifetime away right now 
  • @allybadry, oh that sucks!! Ugh! The first chunk of time is so long to wait!!

    @Ekzerr, that feels so far!!! I just want September to hit already. How many weeks will you be then?
  • @mallyandryan I'm feeling the same way. I fell asleep at 7:30 and DS just got into bed with me. This morning he told me "I didn't brush my teeth so now they fall off".
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  • @stm2017 I'll be 11 weeks! Due date is at the end of the month (the 28th) so I'll be one of the last for everything haha
  • MHL2MHL2 member
    @mallyandryan how far along are you? Wondering if I will hear the HB during my First u/s.
  • @MHL2 6 weeks today.  She couldn't pick up the sound, but we could see the little flicker.  With my son we heard it loud and clear just shy of 8 weeks.
  • Does anyone have a fetal doppler?  What brand and do you recommend it?  Where did you purchase it? 

    I've previously told myself it would just feed my OCD and cause more worry than it's worth, but I've got serious PGAL brain and I cannot face the prospect of walking into another NT scan in a month and having the tech say, "do you even FEEL pregnant?" (this happened last Christmas Eve).  If my baby stops growing, I'd like to know (or at least have a strong idea) in the privacy of my own home. 
  • I'm exhausted this weekend thinking about my first ultrasound Wednesday. I was supposed to have it September 16th but they moved me up. I'm nervous because it seems a little early (6w6d) to look at baby, esp since I lost my first LO at 8.5 weeks. But yeah, I'm doing that whole checking myself in the bathroom constantly too.

    @thecavfamily my friends have a fetal Doppler I plan to borrow but I don't know the brand. I'm afraid it will bother my OCD too, and I'm with you there on the PGAL brain. 

    Wishing I could tell people I'm pg so at least there would be an excuse for my tiredness and forgetfulness at work! Ha. 
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  • Add me to the "I am losing my mind club"...With DD I almost had HG...I was throwing up from the moment the pee dried on the stick...The last few days I have actually felt great! no nausea, no cramping, not more tired than usual...( I was also at the beach and did nothing but float in the water or play with my toddler in the sand...) So obviously I am flipping out because I feel good...Hormones + First Tri = mindgames!!!
  • blessedinmtblessedinmt member
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    @HGRich Are you planning on having the Nuchal Translucency (NT) scan done?  I believe it can be done between 11 weeks and 13w6d.  I mostly look forward to it because, otherwise, I will have to wait until 20 weeks to see our baby again (we just saw the nugget at 7 weeks). 

    I feel you gals on checking for blood EVERY SINGLE TIME I wipe.  I'm pretty sure I'll never stop doing that while pregnant.

    Also, @HGRich at what point do you plan on telling your co-workers?  I waited until the second trimester with my first and, almost immediately, had to tell them I lost her.  Since then I've had to let them know when I've experienced a loss (all early since the first) and this time, I just let them know when I was 6 weeks.  It's been much easier dealing with everything this go around.  People I never knew experienced similar situations have offered me support as a result.  I'm able to make and receive appointment related phone calls from my desk without fear of someone hearing and my co-workers know why I might be behaving differently. 
  • @thecavfamily I don't know--I've never heard of NT and my doctor hasn't mentioned the option. Though I didn't get that far last time. So maybe I will ask at my u/s appt. 

    I also don't know when I'm telling my coworkers. They all found out last time only after I had lost and was missing for a few days to recover. I may decide to tell them after the u/s if all goes well, especially since they often put snacks in the cubicle next to mine and I may not be able to handle the smell much longer. Nausea's worse this time around. It is a good idea though. I'm glad your coworkers are able to give you good support. I wouldn't mind not sneaking off somewhere to call my doctor myself. 
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  • Hooray for more nausea @HGRich
  • @thecavfamily we have the sonoline fetal Doppler and I'm pretty sure we got it off amazon. It worked pretty well our first time around, but the at home ones are not terribly strong, so finding a reliable HB takes practice and most people can't pick it up until around 10-12 weeks or so. I definitely liked having it for peace of mind. 
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  • @thecavfamily exactly! Nausea was the first thing to leave with mc so I'm so happy to wake up feeling like crap!
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