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Pinterest and coping

Hey Everyone,
So I'm pretty much always on Pinterest and when my SO and I had decided to start trying and even before that we would pin things at eachother...heathy eating habits to increase fertility, ways to quit smoking (he is a smoker not me), how to prepare before you start trying, ect. We were on a healthy eating kick because I'm a healthy food obsessed and he on the other hand wasn't so we started eating healthy together. We started a baby board and went pin happy when we started trying. Once we found out I told him I knew it was a boy and he said he did too. We started a baby boy board and continued pinning away. Once we had the miscarriage. I looked to Pinterest for comforting quotes and stories. I had to keep getting rid of all the baby suggestion pins because I would break down in tears (I wish they had a way to unselect suggested pin categories for things like this). Some days I would see happy newborn photos with the mothers and get so jealous or angry that I couldn't and wouldn't be able to have that. I finally now about 7 months later have started pinning baby stuff again. I know due to our split I won't be having kids any time soon at all but I'm starting to feel hopeful again. In the sense that I'm accepting life for what it is and trying to look to the future with positivity. The pain is still there and very real but I know someday I will have a little boy and although it won't be him it will be a beautiful thing.

Has anyone noticed their progression through grief manifest itself visually like being able to pin baby things again? 

This was the quote that really helped snap me out of how negative I was feeling...

Re: Pinterest and coping

  • I have a similar situation with similac, enfamil, gerber, etc. vouchers and coupons that are continuously mailed to me. I continue to receive mail from companies like these that think I had my baby in May, when I should have. I have had two pregnancies, neither viable. It really used to hit me hard when I got them in the mail, but I understand and empathize now that they have no idea that I miscarried. I instead choose to focus on the idea that they were cheering my pregnancy on.

    I will also never sign up for coupons like these again.

    I have changed so much form the person I was before my fist pregnancy. I believe I also changed with each pregnancy. The pain will always be there, hiding and then showing itself at random times. You will also find yourself thinking about how different things would be. Just know you are not alone <3 I am so glad you are feeling better and finding positivity.

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  • I'm so mad at myself for signing up for those weekly baby reports from baby center. I have unsubscribed, changed settings, etc and somehow they keep coming through. :(


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  • I'm still getting the BabyCentre and the Bump, even though I've changed it to lost on both. I've blocked their emails for now. I'll unblock later if I get the chance....

    HowlCircus I love your idea of a Pinterest board. My DH isn't into it, but I can create a secret board to gather little nuggets like that one to look at when I need. It is better than continuing to bring it up with ppl who don't know how to respond when you want to talk about it.

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  • @EmilyP524 I literally emailed WhattoExpect yesterday's support center to unsubscribe.  I explained that I did it multiple time on my own but it did not work.  Supposedly I will no longer be receiving any more emails in the next 48 hours or so.
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  • I have a pinterest board I started before we even got pregnant. And then when we did, I went nuts and added so much to it. I wanted to delete it so badly after we lost the baby, but instead, I started adding quotes to it to help me grieve. If we are blessed enough to get our rainbow baby, I want it all to remind me of how blessed we are to get there
  • I also started a board. Now I don't wanna go and look at it. However, I never thought of looking to pintrest, so thank you. Miscarried early this morning. Thx again.  :)
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  • I'm still pinning and getting stronger hope everyone is holding up as well <3 much love
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