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Simple wishes hands free bra

I bought the simple wishes hands free pumping bra. I barely pumped anything. Took it off and pumped 4 ounces. Does anyone have experience with this? Am I using it wrong?

Re: Simple wishes hands free bra

  • I have issue with the hands free pumping bras.  My bust is too big for them and to get it tight enough where its staying up and holding on the shields in place it squishes my boobs and I get clogged ducts.  When I'm at home and can easily just take my shirt off I use an old sports bra with holes cut in it for the shields.  It works so much better!!

  • Interesting!! I use one and have been getting clogged ducts every few days. My left boob has also started to only produce about half an ounce. I'll have to try not using it and see what happens!
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